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1_Burger Press

Interesting gadget but not too well made for the price charged…

Hello and welcome to the blog!  As the readers know, I’m a foodie and work at a fast food burger joint.  Of all the work stations there is one major favorite – the grill.  I never tire of frying meat although homemade burgers really are the best!  Fast food burgers are what they are… Strip away the seasonings and condiments and you’ll crave something more!

After seeing the TV ad for the Stufz hamburger press, I had to give it a try.  There have been some tasty burgers featured on the blog before – I even drove nearly 100 miles to try the “Best Burger in Iowa” – but could stuffed burgers be a new frontier?  The idea sounded great… even after having cooked hundreds of burger patties for the lunch rush today.

Still in the box was the recently purchased Stufz burger press.  It had cost $10 at Walgreens.    My first impression was that the thing looked like a toilet flapper and I’d been gypped.  That impression hasn’t changed a whole lot.  While the device works, it’s sort of complicated to use and appears very fragile.  I’ve seen more sturdy kitchen contraptions at the everything-is-a-buck store.  Nonetheless, I still had to give this gadget a try.

2_BurgerThe meat chosen was a good quality ground chuck from The Fresh Market; the kaiser roll came from there as well.  The cheese is a thick slice of colby-jack.  On top of the cheese are sliced red onions and grilled mushrooms.  I stuffed the cavity of the burger with bacon bits, finely chopped garlic, and spinach leaves. You won’t find this sandwich on the dollar menu anywhere.  *grin*

The results were tasty although the spinach did not cook down at all.  (I’d recommend partially cooking any leafy fillings first)  As you can see in the picture, the burger did not seal perfectly – note the green of the spinach peeking through.  That’s bad.  The top and bottom separated slightly during the cooking process.  Had there been cheese inside, it would have been an oozing mess!

The other burger I made did seal but it required more beef to make that happen.  It is a full  11 ounce hamburger.   I’d recommend using 7-8 ounces of meat if you plan to add some filling and expect stuff not to leak out.

Another annoyance is with the ground beef sticking.  Plan to use a little cooking spray to release the burger from the press.  If you don’t, the meat will stick and as you release it, you’ll have an un-stuffed mess.

Thumbs up downThe rating…. If I had to give this little burger press gadget a rating, it would be a so-so, 3 stars.  That’s one thumb up, and one down.

Stufz is fairly convenient to use and very easy to clean up.  Unfortunately, I am disappointed with the flimsy construction and don’t expect the device to last too long.  It is not worth $10 in my opinion… and according to many other reviewers.

Nonetheless, the Stufz burger press might come in handy.  I’m hoping to come up with some cool combinations of food to stuff, freeze, and take camping… maybe even some rainbow trout fish cakes… or at least crab cakes.  The sky is the limit.

At the same time though, it’s the sky that’s limiting the camping!  Hopefully there will be a chance to go one of these days…

For now, take care as we approach Thanksgiving!  The Christmas tree is already up in the living room and the two fur balls think their presence constitutes “presents” enough under the tree.  They are right!

3_Cats Tree

Who needs presents?

While the pair is snuggled up, Daddy’s fiddling around with a new inverter and sleeping in the van outside in the driveway tonight.  Some things just never change!

Have a great weekend from your Iowa van camping friends,

Bradford, Jesse James, and Serena in Jones County, Iowa

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4 Responses to Review: Stufz Stuffed Burger Press

  1. Jo says:

    Good review. I don’t eat beef unless I eat it out somewhere. But I use ground Italian turkey and that might make a good burger. But I’ll pass on this little tool. Thanks

    • VanTrekker says:

      Ground Italian turkey sounds so good! I love the flavor of it. That would be fun to try – maybe stuffing it with some cheese. I don’t blame you for passing on the little burger gadget. I’m pretty disappointed!

  2. Pleinguy says:

    It seems to me that simply using two fresh patties around the stuffing; then, pinching around the edge would create a similar result. I also wonder how well anything in the middle would cook; including the inside of each patty. I guess I’m wondering ‘what’s the point’? Glad you did the review though, so I know not to buy it.

    • VanTrekker says:

      I agree 100%. The gadget really isn’t needed unless for making something look pretty (unless the meat sticks). The one burger that I got to seal nicely was so thick and heavy that I had to bake it in the oven while working on the blog. Sure, the taste was okay but something was missing – visual appeal. I’m old school… There’s nothing as “pretty” as a burger with all its colorful adornments on the outside. The only thing I can think of that would make me use the burger press on a regular basis would be to insert some blue cheese (and hope to heck it seals up!).

      Glad I saved you a few bucks!