Other Bachelors of Arlington, Iowa

Buy a calendar and help a great cause!

Buy a calendar and help a great cause!

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After watching the news this morning, I saw a story that caught my attention and wanted to pass it along to the readers.  It’s all about a good cause.

Chances are if you’ve never seen the show “The Bachelor” then you’ve never heard of Arlington, Iowa.  I’ve only watched those TV love “reality” shows a couple of times but they just don’t cut it.  For me, reality TV is either “Cops” or watching any of the Gordon Ramsay shows such as “Hell’s Kitchen.”   Oops, I digressed a little.

Chris SoulesArlington is a quiet little town in southeast Fayette County, Iowa.  Chris Soules, one of the area farmers, is featured on the 19th season of the “The Bachelor” show.  He’s a good looking, eligible guy.  His fame has revealed this peaceful little town to the world.

Arlington was a place Dad and I traveled to often.  Grandma Harris had lived there many years ago.  There is also great trout fishing just north of town at Grannis Creek. You will also find a small restaurant next to the convenience store that has some of the best meatloaf in Iowa.

The town of Arlington has been raising money for a new community center for weddings, receptions, youth activities, etc. With the old school unusable, a new building costing $1.2 million was needed.  The town had to come up with $900,000 of the total cost.  So far they have brought in a whopping $750,000.

To help generate funds, some of the Arlington’s other bachelors have put together a calendar.  I just bought three of them for Christmas gifts.  Sure, these are not your shirtless New York Fire Department guys (the kind with chiseled chests and suspenders) but they are good Iowa folks willing to do their part to help the town raise a few bucks… and I’m sure a few ladies will swoon at the pictures.

Here is the link… Please check it out.  You can also click on the calendar picture above:


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