Looking for a New Gig

Hello and welcome to the blog.  It’s a new day and there’s always hope on the horizon… A person has to just keep looking forward.

Beavis and ButtheadOn Thursday I was in the mood to do a little fishing after ending the fast food employment gig.  The job had been enjoyable and the plan was to stay there a little longer and find a better paying endeavor by spring.  The timing just didn’t work out.

With the slowdown in business for the winter, the staffing was cut dramatically and those of us remaining had to work harder and faster than ever to cover more work stations.  I finally decided to get out before any more injures occurred.  The damaged elbow was painful enough!

Leaving a job that you used to like is tough but a little fresh air (and angling) can really help!  This time the fishing was at the Big Springs Trout Hatchery located along the Turkey River.  The angling action wasn’t the greatest but I caught one decent sized fish – enough for Friday’s breakfast.  But here’s what really made the day fun…

1_EggsOn the way back to the main highway, a sign seemed to beckon.  Who can pass up a deal like this?  After pulling in I met John, a slender man about 55 or so years old.  His beard reminded me of the guys from the show “Duck Dynasty”.  The friendly gentleman invited me into his farmhouse and we had an enjoyable conversation.

John said his wife once worked as a fast food manager (for the same chain) and quit one day after having had enough of it.  We shared some fun stories.  The lively chat helped turned the mood around for the afternoon.

During the visit, John mentioned he and his wife are self-sufficient and raise all their own meat.  He sold me 24 farm fresh eggs for just $2.  John’s place is definitely going to be a regular stop on future trips.  Oh, how I longed to offer this guy rent money and live in my van in the country again.  As for the eggs, they are huge and amazingly delicious – a lot tastier than the store bought ones which cost two or three times as much.

The end of the week was relaxing as the tired body recovered.  Even the maddening case of tinnitus I’d had for the last six months (stress and blood pressure?) had all but disappeared overnight.  Moving on was a good thing and I’d kept my promise to work three months if hired – I lasted eight.  Many of the young kids didn’t make it a week!  (They are smarter than this old fool!)

Work for BaitNext week will start the search for another paycheck.  I’d wager someone will hire a friendly older guy who shows up every day and works hard.  But in the meantime, there are plans are in process to do a little camping very soon and tell about an infamous character from Iowa’s depression-era history.  The story to tell is one that even intrigued my sister.

Take care and have a terrific weekend.

Bradford, Serena, and Jesse James

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