R.I.P. Leonard “Spock” Nimoy

Hello and welcome to the blog on thLeonard Nimoy as Spockis sad day.  Those of us who kept up with Leonard Nimoy’s life knew that he was going to pass soon.  He died at the age of 83.

At first, Star Trek was very nearly a disaster.  The pilot episode, “The Cage” was a flop and a second, “Where No Man Has Gone Before”  was made.  In fact, Star Trek didn’t even gain that much popularity until it was canceled… and it took off from there.  What started as a faltering sci-fi series ended up influencing earth’s history.

Star Trek has contributed so much more to our culture in ways the younger generation might not even realize.  The first NASA space shuttle was the orbiting vehicle “OV-101” also called the “Enterprise” after much lobbying from Star Trek fans.   But that’s not all.  There are plenty of gadgets we now use on a daily basis including cell phones, tablets, and other devices that parallel some of the devices in the 1960s episodes and in the movies that followed.  It’s amazing how one series and some talented actors have touched so many lives.

spock dyingOne last thought.  Today I got choked up after hearing that Leonard Nimoy died.  At first I thought this was the first time that had happened in my life, crying about a Hollywood celebrity’s death.  Then I remembered the movie “Star Trek 2, The Wrath of Khan” when the character of Spock saved the ship by trying to bring the ship’s main engines online while also exposing himself to lethal radiation.  (His body was regenerated in the next movie.)  I remember these words spoken from “Spock” to “Admiral Kirk” in a very raspy voice (not unlike his voice shortly before passing from C.O.P.D.).  He said,

“I have been – and always shall be – your friend.  Live long and prosper.”

Rest in peace, Leonard Nimoy.  You will be missed!

The “Van Trekker”

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