Repairing the Blog

Lemon Trout

Trout with fresh cilantro… and cilantro aioli sauce

Hello friends and welcome to the blog!

It’s been a difficult couple of days following the rhubarb fest.  Something happened to the blog recently – the emails stopped working and all the sidebar widgets vanished.   It was a mess but almost everything is back in place… along with a new 17 character password.  Hopefully the RSS and emails are again functioning.  If you automatically receive updates, please leave a comment to let me know the messages are going out.  Many thanks!  ** UPDATE on 06/09/2015 ** — Looks like it’s fixed… We’ll see how that goes!

You might have noticed the new feature – the wish list on the right of the blog.  That was my sister’s suggestion.  The blog is a hobby and I never expected it to make much money… and it hasn’t.  But for those who enjoy reading the posts and have contemplated a contribution, I’ve put up an Amazon Wish List with inexpensive options such as fish hooks, trout bait, drone batteries, etc.  Even Jesse has a presence on the wish list.  If you’re buying something from Amazon and need to tack on a few bucks to receive free shipping, please consider adding one of these items.  It would be greatly appreciated, will be mentioned on the blog, and I’ll show the items in use.

MikesThe picture above is some of the fish leftover from the recent trip to Decorah with Jesse.  Though beer battered trout is a favorite, there was no beer in the house and Diet Coke wouldn’t work so well… but something else was available…  Instead of adding beer, I used a can of Mike’s Harder Lemonade.  The resulting batter had a refreshing citrus flavor to it.  That’s fresh cilantro on top as well as some cilantro-lime aioli sauce.  The fish and sauce were used in a low-carb wrap and it was very tasty.  Of course, Jesse got his percentage of the fried trout, as well.

Work is still going great but is keeping me very busy on a full-time basis.  I’ve got some plans for later in the week though.  We’ll just say the next project involves “shaking the bushes” a bit…  More about that soon!

Thanks a bunch for stopping by.  Have a terrific late spring day!

Brad and Jesse James
Jones County, Iowa



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4 Responses to Repairing the Blog

  1. Meg says:

    Hi Brad! I just wanted you to know – the RSS feed isn’t working. I haven’t gotten any updates since your post about the rhubarb festival but I thought maybe you were on vacation. Then it occurred to me to just open the site – and there were all these new posts! I didn’t see a comment section on the most recent one so I looked back through the older posts and found this one, which does take comments.

    I did just try redoing the RSS but it’s giving me an error message, which is:

    XML Parsing Error: XML or text declaration not at start of entity
    Line Number 2, Column 1:<rss version="2.0"

    I don't know what that means but thought you might. And now I'm off to catch up on your exploits over the last month. 🙂

    • VanTrekker says:

      Thanks Meg! I will look into it ASAP. That would explain why some haven’t been getting any updates. Either a hack or a bad update made a mess out of the blog. Hopefully I can get the RSS working again very soon. Thanks so much!