The Outhouse Races of Coggon

Outhouse RacesHello and welcome to the blog.  On Saturday there was an event that many have probably never heard of… “Outhouse Races”.  The “Coggon Harvest Home” festival is located in a small town located about 20 minutes northeast of Cedar Rapids, or 6 minutes from Central City (not the Central City you hear about in “The Flash” television show).  Coggon is quite small and one might miss it while flying down Highway 13.

Friday night’s festivities included a BINGO tent, beer tent, live music, and various food vendors.  Saturday morning’s and afternoon’s highlights were a Belgian waffle breakast, the “For the Love of Junque” market, citywide garage sales, a “Chalk the Walk” event, and children’s face painting.  At 5:00 there was a parade and shortly there after, the “Outhouse Races” at 5:30.

Here is a link to the 1:17 video I posted of the Outhouse Races… It’s pretty funny stuff!

Cornhole Toss

Tossing the bag into the …. “cornhole”

So what are outhouse races?  I’ve been an Iowan for almost 50 years and this was something new to me!  Apparently outhouse races were featured on the TV show “Duck Dynasty” (which I have never seen)  Basically, a person gets into one of two identical “outhouse” like structures and is pushed down an incline by two people.  Upon reaching a white line, the occupant jumps out and grabs a small “beanbag” sized pouch of seed corn.  He/she tosses the corn through an opening on a slanted board (called the “cornhole”).  When that is accomplished, the person has to take a roll of toilet paper off a spindle (replacing the spindle so it snaps into place).  The occupant climbs back in the shi*thouse, the crew spins it around, and it’s off to the finish line.   The final winners receive a trophy.

That was a ton of fun to watch.  As always there was plenty of yummy fair food including deep fried twinkes, deep fried Drumsticks (the ice cream treats), fried pickles, etc.  (It was all beckoning.)  What was different is that this food was reasonably priced.  If you go to the bigger fairs, the vendors are charged more to participate and the prices are much higher (movie theatre type prices)  Here, for just $3.50 it was possible to enjoy a very large sloppy Joe sandwich – which I loaded with jalapenos, onions, and black olives.  It was a whole meal!

Fair Food

A funnel cake was so tempting… and resistance was nearly futile…

The greatest temptations were the various “funnel cakes” – a hugely popular treat around here.  It’s fun to watch batter be poured into the grease, fried, and then showered with powdered sugar.  As much as that sounded good, I had to pass or pancreas probably would have abandoned ship.  The cheddar kettle corn got me though.  The freshly popper corn had a little sugar in it and was then heavily coated with a powder of dehydrated cheddar cheese.  It was the best darned cheesecorn I’ve ever enjoyed…

These small town festivals and county fairs are a blast.  They’re often much less expensivve to attend and are just as fun – perhaps even more so – than the larger venues.  There is another fair coming up next weekend in nearby Central City and I’m hoping that from my vantage point one can discreetly make a drone video.   That’s on this coming Friday.. but there is also another activity next weekend that is a “must visit”…

On Stardate 06.26.2015 they are holding the 30th annual Trek Fest in Riverside, Iowa.  (The town that lays claim to being the future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk.)  It’s always a fun time and this year’s theme is “Star Trek Generations”.  It was said that two Klingons will be there in uniform.  Watch for pictures!

Thanks for visiting today!  I hope everyone has had a terrific Father’s Day and a great start to the summer season (today is the first day of summer!).    Happy and safe travels always… whether in car, truck, van, RV, or outhouse!

Brad and Jesse
Jones County, Iowa

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