Trek Fest 2015

Trek 8_Admiral and wife

Two Officers… The gentleman on the right said he is “Admiral Kirk”

Hello and welcome to the blog!  On Saturday I visited the Trek Fest celebration in Riverside, Iowa.  Riverside, Iowa is the “future birthplace of Captain James T Kirk” according to Star Trek legend  Regular blog readers know this is a favorite event to attend.  The intention is not to add a lot of verbiage – just a few captions here and there along with the pictures from the parade.

Note:  The rest of the week is going to be pretty quiet.  I’m off work three days a week now.  After surviving the 4th of July overnight shifts this coming weekend, the plan is to take some time and go to Decorah to recuperate a bit.  I really enjoy my job but like any employment, it does wear a person down.  Weather dependent, I’m hoping to do some fishing, hiking, and fly the drone over the wildflowers in the Decorah Prairie.  A microbrewery visit sounds like a fun stop, too!  Anyway, here are the pictures!  Live long and prosper!

Take care and happy camping always!  —-   Brad and kitty Jesse James  — Driveway camping tonight in Jones County, Iowa

The license plate on this tiny little craft said "ESC POD" (as in escape pod - a means of abandoning ship in the case of an emergency)

The license plate on this tiny little craft said “ESC POD” (as in escape pod – a means of abandoning ship in the case of an emergency)

Trek 2

The NCC 1818 normally located at the museum in Riverside, Iowa

Trek 3

A “shuttle craft”… I’d love to make this into a dwelling!

Trek 4

Star fleet offficers ….

Trek 5

Throwing candy from the “transporter chamber”


Trek 6 - Q

Character “Q” from the series Star Trek – The Next Generation

Trek 9 Shriners

Now or 300 years in the future… Who doesn’t love the Shriners?

Trek 7

No, it’s not Klingon food… I was seduced by a Federation Funnel Cake. Afterwards, I asked several of the people that were dressed up where to find “Dr. McCoy” in “sick bay” ’cause this darn funnel cake is ruining my blood sugar. We had some good Star Trek laughs!

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