New Camping Kitty – “Vanse”

Sammy Vance HarrisHello and welcome to the blog today.  On the left is a picture of my new little buddy, Vanse.  He’s a cool dude and the story behind him is remarkable.  His full name is “Samuel Vanse Harris”.  Though I’d intended to call him Sammy, “Vanse” (pronounced “Vance”) seemed to stick.  (even though it’s a play on the work “vans”.  The old English name is kind of cute and he seems to like the attention.   Vanse is an amazing guy and his story is heartwarming.

After Serena died it left a hole in my heart.  Her little life was dedicated to her daddy and she was a very jealous but loving kitty.  I couldn’t get another female without feeling guilty.  On the other hand, Jesse James was becoming increasingly “clingy” and lonely.  He needed a buddy.  I waited until the time was perfect and there was no doubt that this was the right kitty.  Vanse is asleep so now is a good time to tell his story…

Vanse SleepingA co-worker (who I will call “J”) rescues animals and has a heart of gold.  She knows I’m a cat fanatic and after seeing the picture of the cat condo (TV) she loved it and encouraged me to adopt one of her rescue kitties.  I visited my friend’s home today and played with a handful of cats.  Most allowed a few seconds of fur stroking.  Vanse (originally named “Jenko”) approached me several times, purred, and even did a nose kiss on my lips.  His story is unique and even if I did not know his background, would have still chosen this cat…  (There was no option.  He chose me!)

Vanse was a rescue cat.  A couple of months ago he was hit by a car on a gravel road near Monticello (about 16 miles from where I live).  A man who doesn’t really care that much about cats picked up the injured kitty rather than seeing it suffer in pain.  A front leg was broken and the face was bloody, apparently where Vanse’s nose had brushed against the car.  The cat was given to “J”.  Vanse was having trouble breathing.  “J” cleaned up the kitty, put his leg in a homemade splint and returned him to health.   Now he’s got a forever home.  If Vanse learns to like camping, he’s got quite an exciting life in store!

Jesse BedJesse’s not exactly thrilled with Vanse’s arrival.  Hopefully he will calm down in a couple of days.  I can see these two being good buddies in the future.

** Update **  8/8/2015  Last night was the kitten’s first night in the house and he was alone in a room.  After crying enough to wake me up, I let him explore.  This morning there was a cat under each arm in my bed.  Jesse is still a bit grouchy but Van-Van has a way of rubbing up against Jesse and the old tomcat is quickly accepting his new buddy.  They are both using the TV kitty condo although Jesse isn’t the best about sharing!

For now that’s about it.  I’ve got some days off next week and hope to do some camping.  There’s a cool place I’d like to do some fishing – a stationary barge in the middle of the Mississippi River.  One pays and takes a boat out to it and you can fish safely to one’s content… for $10.  More about that later.

For now, I’m as tired as Vanse and it’s a great time to take a “cat” nap.

Thanks for following along.  Have a great weekend!

Bradford, Jesse, and Vanse
Jones County, Iowa