The Red Moon

Eclipse 1aGood evening and thanks for stopping in.  At the moment a lunar eclipse is taking place.   The moon is a beautiful red color and mostly obscured.  This picture was taken a few miles east of Anamosa in rural Jones County, Iowa.

With the eyes trained on the heavens, it seemed like a great time to watch a movie and “Star Trek – First Contact” seemed like a good choice.  The old TV recently took a dump so it was replaced; the newer, larger one is easier on the eyes and makes the 23rd century sci-fi adventures look even better!

Back on Earth, things have been pretty hectic lately.  Work is going great and I’m enjoying helping the customers.  The co-workers are terrific people and the managers very supportive.  It’s not always easy though.  Now that autumn is here there are a lot of changes occurring, including resetting the merchandise to include Christmas items.  Even a fun job can be tiring though.  Everyone needs a little rest, too.

OCD Zoning

Jennifer and Jesse are helping with the camping efforts by consuming food purchased to earn gas credits.

For that reason, later this week I am heading north for a couple days of camping.  The work hours, weather, leaf color forecast, and such have all lined up perfectly.  There will be fishing, hiking, leaf videos, and some good homemade food.

One focus of this trip will involve making cooking videos along the way.  Traveling with a buddy is always fun.  It’s looking like Jesse James is going along this time.

Mr. Jesse’s going to like some of the food.  On the menu is Parmesan Encrusted Trout (one of our mutual favorites),  Cedar Plank Salmon, a Red Quinoa and Fruit Salad, Fried Cinnamon Bosc Pears. fresh Tomato Cream Basil Soup, etc.  Some of these cooking adventures will be recorded.

A sample cooking video is at this location:  Easy Caprese Salad  A link to each cooking / scenery video will be in the day’s blog post as well as under the “Cooking Videos” tab.  Please check them out and if you like the looks of the food, please share the video.  I’ve “monetized” them so a few bucks are made along the way.  The primary focus of the food videos is, of course, to share some fun, easy-to-prepare grub designed to make enjoying the outdoors more fun!

Please watch for a post or two later in the week as Jesse and I explore the far northern parts of Iowa looking for new adventures.

Take care and thanks for stopping by tonight.  Happy and safe travels always.  Live long and prosper, friends!

Brad, Jesse, and Jennifer
Jones County, Iowa





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