Lost My 4 Footed Pal

Vance Resting

Vance loved sleeping in the converted RCA TV

Hello and welcome to the blog.  Today is a very tough day.  The new camping buddy, Vanse, had to be put down after a sudden health crisis.

Vanse (“Van-Van”) was a rescue cat, having sustained a broken leg and facial injuries very early in life.  Often when a kitten suffers cranial damage, there is scarring on the brain;  as they age and grow, problems surface as the brain grows and inflammation occurs.

Van had experienced several days of frequent seizures.  We tried various medical treatments (much like they do with humans) but the meds did not work.  His seizures became so frequent and violent that there did not appear to be any chance of saving him.  Van-Van was barely able to walk, eat or drink much of the time.  Seeing him in this state was agonizing… both to Jesse and myself.    Suffice it to say, I could not continue to see him suffer.  He’s resting now.

VanVan Deceased

Vanse permanently resting… Jesse tried to lick him back to life,, then howled… He’s mourning his little buddy’s departure.

Vanse (formerly named “Jenko”) was born near Monticello, Iowa and was about six months old.  He loved the outdoors and seemed to enjoy our first and only camping trip.  Van-Van loved “people food” and having his belly played with.  He was fascinated with television, the laptop computer, and particularly with old Disney musical videos.  He was a fun little guy and will be missed by his adopted brother Jesse James and myself.  We’re both pretty sad.

Tonight Vanse’s little body will be buried at the farm where Serena and I had lived in the van.  Just like I did with Serena, there will also be a little cross placed for him in a private spot where we camped in Clayton County.  He was quite an amazing little guy!  I’m glad that Van-Van was able to experience a loving home even if it was for such a very brief time.  After being hit by a car on a gravel road, he very well might not have ever had a “family.”

What a day…  Well, it’s time to rush off to work for now.  Staying busy is a good thing.  After the weekend is over the plan is to do a little camping near home and Jesse James is going along for the excursion.  He’s not thrilled about car trips but likes the fresh air and camping food.

As always, thanks for stopping by today.  Happy and safe travels.  Give your cat or dog an extra hug for me!

Bradford and Jesse James
Jones County, Iowa

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