The Big 50 Today!

Brad Cake 50a

This photo was taken the night before at McDonalds prior to sharing it with the co-workers.


Well, today is the day.  I am 1/2 century old.  It’s hard not to step back just a bit and think about some ancient history.

Spock Birthday

Spock would be quick to point out the misuse of grammar.  It should say “Fascinating, you’re how old?”

Fifty is not THAT old but I remember the Watergate scandal, Nixon’s resignation, Bill Gates’ rise to fame, Reagan getting shot, the first Superman movie, John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever”, our family’s first color TV, our first car with air conditioning, power brakes, and an automatic transmission.

School lunch food was actually tasty.  Back then we used leaded gasoline in cars, were told not to eat snow due to nuclear testing, and knew where the school bomb shelters were located. Cars were big and powerful.  Health insurance was free.  Pop came in glass bottles – for a dime!  And, of course, I remember every Star Trek movie that came out.  Sadly, the kids of today will never know what it means to “catch your tit in the wringer” but I recall Mom cursing at the old Maytag washer as her fingers got pinched in the rollers!

Times sure have changed!

Turning 50 is one of those occasions when a person stops and reflects a little bit about the sad times, too.  In the last few years, diabetic buddies Daryl (age 43), Sean (age 43), Wilfried (age 55) and Kevin (age 45) have preceded me in death.  All of these early mortalities were related to diabetes… and my own departure will likely be similar one day.  Every day matters!

Birthday Make it SoTo that extent, here are a few things I’ve learned along the way… (in no particular order)

Spread happiness.  Don’t look back – move forward.  Love God and be thankful for what He has given us.  Be kind to animal companions because they are adopted family members…  Live with fewer possessions.  Have a bad habit or two… (Drinking Diet Coke and fishing a lot are mine).  Heck, life is too short not to enjoy it every day!

On a more serious note, one of the biggest lessons learned so far is not to waste any time because you don’t know when the grim reaper will pay a visit.  Paul B, a school friend’s earthly dad, worked hard all his life and bought an RV.  Just weeks after retiring, he suddenly passed away before the first outing.  His wife died shortly after that.  What a shame!  Mr. B never got to enjoy retirement although he was a shining example of what a family man should be.

My point is this… It is never too early to enjoy the outdoors… but it can be too late.

Jetson Star Trek

Don’t spend too much time in the sitting position! 😀

Monday (today) will be spent working in the Sporting Goods department at Wally World – something I really love doing.

When the work day ends at 4:30, the van is packed with a few items and it’s off to… heck, I don’t even know where yet.  But it will be a fun end to a special day.

“Let’s go see what’s out there…..  Engage!” —  Captain Jean Luc Picard in the Star Trek – The Next Generation, episode “Encounter at Farpoint”

It sounds like a good idea.

Thank you for visiting today.  Take care!  Happy and safe travels!

Bradford, Jesse James, and Jennifer
Jones County, Iowa


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