From Hanukkah to Christmas

Sabra Larger Titchel

Tichel #2, a combination of a granny pattern, front post double crochet, and shells.

Hello and welcome to the blog.  It’s been a busy period since Thanksgiving.  I’ve been working on tichels – headcoverings for my sister to use.  She’s studying Judaism and wanted something homemade.  It was worth a trip to Hobby Lobby to buy a styrofoam head to model the crocheted hats.

It didn’t take long before the foam head was vandalized.  Within minutes after taking the photo on the left, Jen-Jen bit a piece out of the nose and the model now looks like Michael Jackson in the latter days.  Jesse sank his fangs into the neck.  The head now lives behind a glass door between uses.

In addition to making the head coverings, I’ve been working pretty hard at Wally World.  We had the Black Friday event which was actually held on Thursday night.  As luck would have it, I only had to work till 3PM on Thanksgiving and missed all the commotion.  But I didn’t miss out on the biggest benefit – the extra discount.  For those who worked a scheduled shift on Thanksgiving, we each received a card which entitles the bearer to a total 25% discount on one shopping transaction.  It could be one item or a whole cart load or two!

Sis hat 2

The first hat. It was modeled on a Nurti Ninja blender base… (prior to getting the foam head)

I’ve decided to do something very special with the holiday (Christmas, in my book!) discount.  After having camped at a number of Walmarts, there is one where I really enjoy shopping.  It’s the Super Center located in Decorah.  In addition to being a large store, they have an amazing fishing section like none other in Iowa.  Brian, the sporting goods manager, loves to fish and often spends his lunch hour angling behind the store in the trout stream.

Baked Trout

A birthday dinner I cooked for my sister including the two large trout we caught in Decorah. Jesse and Jennifer enjoyed some too!

The plan is to head up to Decorah very soon, do some trout fishing (as always), and camp at the store.  The next morning I’m going to do a lot of shopping and pick up some cool stuff for the home base, van, cats, etc.  There will be some fun stops along the way and eventually, another blog post with some pictures.

It’s good to take one more trip while Mother Nature is being nice.  (She was being a bit*h earlier this month!)  Within a recent two week period, we had tornadoes, a week later seven inches of snow, and then a week after that there were thunderstorms and a 2 inch rainfall.  For now it’s just going to be dry and a little chilly (20s and 30s).

It should be a fun time in Decorah.  After visiting recently, Sis said how much she likes that town and the laid back attitude you find in rural Iowa.  She’s wanting to come back in May of 2016.

For now it’s back to getting the van ready to go.  With a little luck there will be some heavily brined, freshly smoked rainbow trout this weekend.

Take care and thanks for stopping by.  Have a great rest of the week.

Brad, Jesse James, and kitty “Jen-Jen”
Jones County, Iowa

“Nothing is sacred – not even the smoothie!”

Smoothie and Jen

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