Ever Had a Hurts Donut?

Hurts Donut2

A portion of the many varitieties of donuts at this amazing bakery in Coralville, Iowa.

Hello and welcome to the blog today.  When I was growing up, the school kids (usually a grade or so ahead) would often approach a younger lad and say “Ever had a hurtsdon’it?”  If you asked “What’s a hurtsdon’it?” you would get slugged in the arm (often with a knuckle or two) and the aggressor would say “It hurts, don’t it?”  A time or two getting punched and you would remember!  Nowadays they would call that bullying and the perpetrator would probably be suspended from school.  Back then you simply aborbed the pain and later pulled the same trick on a smaller kid…

Hurts Donut Building

Open “25 hours a day, 8 days a week” it’s worth a spike in blood sugars.  That’s the only part that hurts!

The pictures you see above are from a relatively new bakery in Coralville, Iowa (next to Iowa City).  The shop is called “Hurts Donut Company”.  Their variety of lovely donuts is stunning and vast; the pastries are decadently rich.  I stopped and bought a few for comfort food.  It’s been very stressful recently.

Jennifer became very ill earlier this week.  She’d slipped outside at one point in the windy, cold, and slushy mess we call Iowa weather.  She was not outside for very long but soon came down sick and was sneezing.  For a couple of days, I could not get Jen-Jen to eat or drink much at all.  This week’s camping trip was canceled and I spent hours on the floor next to her under the coffee table. She was warm, trembled, and seemed very weak and a little confused… likely due to a fever.

Jesse and Jen-Jen under the coffee table

Instead of going camping on Thursday, I took the van into Cedar Rapids (a 50 mile round trip) to get her some of the favorite catfood, a brand called “Simply Nourish”.  She loves the “Crab and Duck Stew”.  It smells so good, I’m half tempted to put a couple cans over a glob of mashed potatoes!  She slowly started eating again.  While she felt warm, I rubbed her down with small amounts of water and Jennifer loved it.  Jesse also groomed her almost constantly.  To get her drinking again it took a little nursing with water and … voila!  She seemed to do better.  At the time of the posting, she’s feeling pretty weak again and Jesse and I are watching over her.

Christmas Border2a

After tending to the sick kitty on Thursday, I went to a rural shooting range and did some “plinking” with a recently acquired carry-type pistol.  I’d never shot a pistol since getting bifocal glasses and it took some getting used to.  Target practicing will be one more fun activity to do when camping in the boonies.  I am in the process of designing a collapsible target stand to take along on future trips.  It should be very simple, handy, and highly portable.  More about that in the coming days!

Christmas Border2a

Kabobs Pic

Here’s the food that had been planned for camping.  I made kabobs with chicken, sweet peppers, green peppers, onions, and pineapple… and soaked them in a  50-50 mix of pineapple juice and teriyaki sauce.  They were grilled in the house on the little Coleman propane grill.  Jesse loved the chicken but then again there’s not a lot he doesn’t like!

Well, it’s time to check on the sick kitty.  There will always be a next time for camping… whenever the weather decides to cooperate.  Its a good time to hiberate.  On the news they just announced  that after the Iowa Presidential causcuses on Monday night, we’re expecting as much as a foot of snow.  Oh joy!

Take care and thanks for visiting and commenting!  Happy and safe travels always!

Bradford, Jesse James, and Jennifer
Jones County, Iowa


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