Bed and Armchair Added

Hello and welcome to the blog!  I got the mattress in the van today.  It was a snug fit but everything worked out perfectly.  There were tools and hardware scattered all over creation but with the new underbed storage, it’s now neatly tucked away.

There are a number of activities left to do in the coming days including some touch up painting, wiring, etc.  Normally it wouldn’t make much sense to put the bedding down and then paint overhead… This is actually the old comforter and there will be a dropcloth as well.  The new comforter is similar but larger in size to allow for the fabric to drape on both sides of the bed.

Notice the microwave below the bed?

Here is a crude shot of what the front is starting to look like.  This chair is about 32-33 inches wide (by guess) and that’s kitty Jennifer’s stuffed “Princess” Valentine’s Day toy (she’s crazy about stuffed animals of any size)….  I need the readers’ advice on something.  I’m thinking about covering the chair with a beige sheet to make it more neutral.  This picture is accurate as far as the colors.  Do they clash as-is?  To be honest, I cannot match clothes at all unless wearing khakis.  Thanks for any comments that way.

In the coming week there will be some more electrical work, touch-up painting, perhaps a shelf built forward of the chair, etc.  I will also be cutting a chunk of carpeting that will partially cover the floor and can be removed in a few minutes if need be.

Stay tuned for more pictures next week!  For now the van is going to a neighboring town for a Friday night fish fry…  Thanks for stopping by!

Happy and safe travels always!

Brad, Jennifer, and Jesse James
Jones County, Iowa

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