Two Van Trekkers? They’re Not the Same Person

Apples and Oranges


Hello friends and welcome to the blog.  I have some bad news (and some great news) to pass along.  Apparently there is a new blog which sprang up very recently.  In its URL there is the same moniker as my blog.

There is no connection between that and this blog (I had been using “Van Trekker” for 5 years).

In the coming days I will likely be moving this blog.  I thank the kind readers for the 1.84 million hits and hope they will follow me to the new URL.  It is likely I will put a redirect on this page for the balance of the year.

Moments ago a generous donation was received via Paypal which will more than cover the costs of relocating the blog and changing my email address.  Thank you B.R . for the kindness.  It is good to know there are people like you in this quadrant of the galaxy.  🙂

Though it seems kind of cheesy, I’ll say this to the many vandwellers, camping enthusiasts, and technogeek pals in Star Trek terms…  “You have been, and ever shall be … my friends.”

God bless!

Brad, Jesse James, and Jennifer


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