Ready for Travel!

Hello and welcome to the blog.  I’ve been looking forward to this day for some time!  The van is ready for travel.  There are a few minor tweaks that need to happen but they can wait for a bit!  I wanted to share the latest pictures, especially with the chair next to the bedding… and then we can see what the readers think of the green vs. light blue.  Do I need to cover the chair with a beige cloth?  (That’s kitty Jennifer’s “Princess” bear.)

Under the desk / end table there is now a full-sized cat litter pan.
The food / water dish is in a cubby hole to the right of the microwave.

Pictured is the comfy chair, the 18″ crock pot stand (now bolted down), and two lamps.  Clamped to the table is a bright LED reading light. Eventually it will be moved to a smaller stand between the bed and chair.  The lamp’s main purpose is to provide extra illumination for crochet work.

By the way, did you notice the clothes hanger in the background of the photo above?  With a little gap available, I decided to hang a hook and provide a place for clothing storage.  There will eventually be a 12″ x 12″ (or smaller) night stand but it will be forward of the clothes hanging area… Why?  Because directly below the clothing is that pain-in-the-butt wheel well but now that space can be made useful.  ðŸ™‚

The “full” sized comforter on the twin bed is working out well.  In addition to the great looks and comfort, the new blanket also doubles as a bed skirt due to its extra width.  
Current news on the left and a nostalgia sign on the right…
After having been moved a few weeks ago, the TV is now in just the right location.  It is centered so that one can watch it from the bed or arm chair.  
Not shown is a little wooden box that covers the wheel well on the passenger’s side (below that outlet strip in the picture)  I figured the box would work for a table but it’s also a nice foot rest.  Speaking of the feet – they love the new carpeting!
So what’s left?  I have to make a new stand for the CPAP machine (between the bed and chair).  I made one but somehow it came out a few inches too wide.  The new one will be smaller and maybe have multiple shelves for storage ofthings like a pill box, cellphone, and other personal effects. 
A cellphone picture of Kitty Jennifer relaxing on the new comforter in the dark van.

Tonight I tested the reactions of the cats, first putting Jesse James in the van.  He promptly hid under the bed and howled until I took him in the house.  Jennifer’s behavior was entirely different.  As I sat in the chair she wouldn’t let me type on the laptop, constantly strutting, purring, and rubbing against my face, and then finally relaxing on the bed.  When our TV show was over, I couldn’t get her to come back in the house!  Possessing a strong personality – the famous “tortitude” of tortoise shell cats – Jennifer is going to be a fun camping buddy!
That’s about all for now.  The weekend is going to be long and busy.  I’ve got much of next week off and plan to try the new van layout down by the Mississippi River aided by pal Jennifer.  There should be some good camping pictures.
Have a great weekend.  Safe and happy travels always!
Brad, Jennifer, and Jesse James
Jones County, Iowa

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0 Responses to Ready for Travel!

  1. Bethers says:

    I like the color of the chair and think it looks fine. It adds a nice contrast to the darker colors. A beige cover would work too. I also really like your little sparkly flower lamp. Well, at least one cat likes the new digs.:-D

  2. Brad says:

    Thanks Bethers! I'm going to have to put that flower lamp on velcro… otherwise Jennifer is going to chew it to death. I'd not anticpated that reaction but should have!

    Thanks for the thoughts on the blue chair. I think I'm going to leave it that way. It goes well with the carpeting and does add contrast, like you said.

  3. JO says:

    I to have decided the blue chair looks good and it does give a pop of color. You sure did a nice job looks comfy and ready to go. wishing you lots of great fishing trips in this new camper conversion

  4. Brad says:

    Thanks Jo. I have to decide whether to cut the carpet back or lay a runner. Unfortunately, the carpeting doesn't do well with the knife. (I cut part of it and dragged it under the bed). The stuff comes apart pretty badly. Fine tuning… For now it's nice to have a break from the project. Thanks for the input! Take care!

  5. Coweta Dan says:

    Looks great. Look out Mr Trout.

  6. Kathy Roy says:

    Looks great! I hope it is as comfy as it looks.

  7. Brad says:

    Thanks Dan!

  8. Brad says:

    It sure is! 🙂