Enjoying a Bit of R-and-R

Hello and welcome to the blog today.  Earlier I received a note from a buddy and realized it’s been a while since posting.  Things are getting better in general.  Like I tell my friends at the Golden Arches, “If the cup is less than half full, just add some more ice… McDonalds does!”



Click here for a 20 second self video of the author being stupid.

I was bored yesterday and decided to do a little target shooting using things such as paper targets, a Jello mold, and even a McDonalds cup.  It was fun and therapeutic.  Target practicing is relaxing – every bit as much as fishing.

The sore back is doing better.  After messing it up while working on the van, I ended up taking a week off from work and starting physical therapy.  Manual exercises as well as weight machines seem to be doing a great job rehabilitating things.  The pain is diminished, there is much more flexibility, and I’m feeling a lot better these days.

Work is going okay.  Obviously, when a person is reminded that his / her performance is not what it should be, taking a week off to recover from a medical issue is not likely to garner any hugs and kisses from the higher-ups.  Though perhaps it sounds a bit negative, I’ve learned one important lesson:  Take care of yourself.  Nobody else will.  Gone are the days of free insurance, sick pay (at many jobs), and free medicine.  If the body is broken, let it heal.  Most jobs do not appreciate a person as much as they used to during the best of times… They sure don’t seem to when you’re hurting!

Taco Pizza
Taco pizza must be eaten with a plate (or tote pan lid)

The post this evening is coming from inside the van, under the carport, next to the homebase.  Though I have an office in the third bedroom of the trailer, the cats don’t like being shut out.  They howl, scratch, bang against the door, etc.  I retreated to the van to eat some taco pizza and catch up the blog a bit.  One little digression… If you’ve never had taco pizza, let me tell you about it.

Taco pizza, an Iowa favorite, was supposedly invented in 1972 by Happy Joe Whitty of the pizza chain “Happy Joes” located throughout the midwest.  Even in the 1990s, you’d hardly find a taco pizza anywhere else but here.  Taco pizza has a seasoned refried bean and beef sauce, onions and cheese.  After baking and cutting the pizza, you add the lettuce, diced tomatoes, chips, and more shredded cheese… then taco sauce.  Often, we also top it with sour cream.  It’s delicious and guaranteed to cure a grumpy mood!

Sis paid for the pizza tonight.  She gave me a gift card for Casey’s convenience stores, gas stations that honor the HyVee Fuel Saver card and have tasty pizza, too.  There are enough credits on Fuel Saver card (and more will be added soon) to take a camping trip for less than 50 cents per gallon.  This time, it’s likely kitty Jesse James will go along.

Crock Pot
The 1 quart crockpot powered by solar / battery bank.

By the way, I’ve added another feature to the van for the next trip… some hooks and a hand-tied web of small bungees to secure the crockpot (and the lid) for travel.  The cords store behind the shelf while not in use. We will be testing the new setup – making homemade soup (via the battery bank, inverter, and solar panel) – on the next outing… wherever the kitty and I end up.

Take and thanks a bunch for visiting.  I hope the readers have a great rest of the week.  Safe and happy travels always!

Bradford, Jesse James, and Jennifer
Jones County, Iowa

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0 Responses to Enjoying a Bit of R-and-R

  1. JO says:

    Well being the camper guy you are I know you picked up that cup right? glad you back is better and your back to work.
    I am heading out tomorrow finally for a few days of camping to try out my new set up.
    Happy Easter

  2. Brad says:

    I picked it up. 🙂 My buddy Johnnie wants the Jello mold with a bunch of holes in it, too. (He will soon have over 50 in his collection). Well have a great time camping and I hope the new setup works out great! Happy Easter to you too!