Emergency Forces Driveway Camping

Drunk Hits Gas Pipe
A drunk driver hit this gas pipe in my neighborhood

Hello and welcome to the blog.  A bunch of us in this neighborhood had a scary night on Monday.  The picture above is from the trailer court where I live.  One of the residents came home drunk and she drove to the end of the street, continued on past the pavement, and smashed into this natural gas line.  We’re all lucky it wasn’t worse.  As it was, the pipe was damaged underground and was leaking natural gas into the air.

To prevent detonation, the electricity was shut off for blocks, including at my homebase.  Thankfully, one of the neighbors had stopped in at work and advised me of the situation.  We’re lucky there was no fire or explosion. Upon arriving home after work, I noticed a bunch of fire trucks. There was still no electricity.  Ironically, I’d recently started better organizing various things with the van including a “safety tote” which has a headlamp, first aid kit, various medication, syringes, eye and ear protection, batteries, etc.  The idea was to make it fast and safe should there ever be a need to clear out in the event of approaching severe weather.


Van Sun Tea 2No evacuation was needed.  I just backed the van out from under the canopy, put up the TV antenna, and spent a few hours in the easy chair watching videos and swilling a fresh batch of passion fruit sun tea.  Around 3:00 AM Tuesday morning the power came back on.

The balance of Tuesday was spent resting and building a small new bookcase for the van.  It’s got some unusual features that should make things more organized and handy for camping. The next posting will show pictures.

That’s about it for now.  Due to work needs, I had to delay the camping trip.  Next week I hope to do some camping and fishing as the new trout stocking schedule begins.

Take care and thanks for visiting!  Happy and safe travels always!

Bradford, Jennifer, and Jesse James
Jones County, Iowa

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0 Responses to Emergency Forces Driveway Camping

  1. JO says:

    Lucky you, bet your neighbors wish they had somewhere to go without going anywhere. And the chair is really wonderful isn't it.

  2. Brad says:

    Hi,Jo! I do like that chair a lot. It's kind of old and beat up but at least if it falls apart, I can get another. It's a lot of fun and makes swilling iced tea a lot easier.

    This evening I let Jesse James out to play for a few minutes and couldn't find him, frantically calling. The door was open on the van and he made himself at home in that chair (which was his favorite when it was in the house). He's going camping next time, for sure.

    Take care!