A New Shelf and Giggle Juice

Hello and welcome to the blog today.  I just completed a new shelf and mounted it to the left of the van’s step area.  The intention is to have various items easy to reach from outside should the need arise.

Giggle Juice in the Van
At 9″ wide and 24″ tall,
this little cupboard has a
lot of useful goodies.
The whole little cupboard (with a 5/8″ lip on each front edge) has four shelves.  The first level is reserved for trout bait.  Eight jars will last most of the fishing season.  The second shelf has the liquor collection – things like Kinky, Tequila Rose, Malibu, Jack Daniels, and Bailey’s.  The cheap stuff is in the back (where you also see a couple small cans of beans.
The third shelf only has a container of various sauces (BBQ, Buffalo, Honey Mustard, Ranch) from McDonalds.  I might use this shelf for more food items or some catfishing tackle, stringers, etc.  The bottom level has several cans of Simply Nourish (expensive but high quality) cat food food for my passengers as well as a candle for making the van smell better.
One might ask, is that all the food that will be on board?  I’m going to have a tote in the back with many kinds of spices, more quick snacks (granola bars and beanie weenies), and other stuff for cooking and eating.  More about that later.  It’s going to take an evening to figure out what actually needs to go into various totes under the bed for traveling.
Giggle Juice Store
A converted gas station that sells more tasty forms of alcohol…
After working on the van this morning I decided to drive into town and see if there was any progress on the new establishment…and to my surprise it was open!
Duane, the guy who ran the Family Foods grocery store (until it closed last fall), is operating a new liquor store in town.  It’s called Giggle Juice Liquor Station.  They have a superb collection of libations.  I loaded the little liquor shelf in the van with the good stuff.  Today was Duane’s first day of business… It was surprising how many people lined the streets to check out the new booze biz.
There’s not much else going on.  During the week I’ll be working on touching up the paint on the van, organzing and packing, etc.  The work schedule is such that I’m hoping to go fishing (weather permitting) the week of the 11th.  There are still trout streams I’ve not yet explored so it should be a blast.
Thanks for visiting!
Bradford, Jennifer, and Jesse James

Jones County, Iowa

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  1. JO says:

    You do a great job of creating things. That sure helps the cause and keeps expenses down.