Cackleberries for the Trip


One of the best parts of spring is the farmer’s markets.  We’re a little too early for that but this nice lady and her daughter were set up and selling farm fresh eggs about a mile from where I live.  There are increasing numbers of signs offering hen’s eggs – often called “cackleberries” – in this rural county.  I bought a dozen of these monster brown eggs for $3.  I’ve seen them as low as $2 / dozen but oh, were these beauties!  They’re going on the camping trip this week.  Jesse is in for a treat.

Jennifer Close_Up
“What?  You’re not taking me camping?  I promise I’ll be good!”

At the moment I’m washing dishes and packing the van.  Jesse and I are going to hit the road Monday and come back Wednesday morning.  We’ll be visiting some familiar places – any maybe some new ones – up near the Minnesota / Iowa border.  There’s a “new-to-us” trout stream that sounds inviting as well as a fishing hole just 200 feet south of Minnesota — but still in Iowa.

Some tasty food will be cooked up along the way… I’ll likely put the recipes up, along with clickable links.
There will be some scenery pics… With a wind forecast of just 6 MPH, I’m hoping to also get some good footage with the drones.  Hopefully the first post will go up Monday evening.
Thanks for stopping by.  Have a terrific rest of the weekend.
Brad, Jesse, and Jennifer
Jones County, Iowa
Scratching my back
Happiness is a full belly and some concrete tor scratching my back.

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