All Fired Up

Anamosa Volunteer Fire Department Pancake Breakfast

Hello and welcome to the blog today.  My sister and brother-in-law are in town and we’re preparing to take off for a few days in trout country.  There are museums, trout streams, good food, waterfalls, all sorts of cool things to look forward to this week but first, here was a breakfast we enjoyed this morning.

My sister!
This morning’s pancake breakfast was to benefit the volunteer fire fighters of the town where I live.  The proceeds are going to upgrade the air system (compressor and tanks of air used for breathing).
My cool brother-in-law

The three of us enjoyed a terrific meal.  Being a big eater, I went back for seconds and gave them another donation (not required).  When the money taker said “You don’t have to” I replied that old Doc ****** told me the other day that I’m the size of two men so I figured I should pay twice.  The cash goes to a great cause.  The turnout of people was amazing.

At the moment I’m packing for the mini-vacation this week.  We were going to take two cars so I can split off on Tuesday and hit a distant trout stream.  There are so many things that would have to be shuffled around it seemed a more logical bet to take the van rather than my little car.  It’s optimized for outdoors and fishing activities anyway.  It’s going to be a fun time.  There should be some cool pictures later this coming week.
Jesse and Jennifer birthday cake
Princess Jennifer with her heart shaped birthday crab cake… and tomcat Jesse
drooling over it.

Today is the one year anniversary since my beloved cat Serena passed away.  I’ll always miss my little doll but right behind her, Jennifer came into the world one year ago on May 2nd.  She’s awesome company.

Jennifer Stefanie was named after Stefanie Powers who played “Jennifer Hart” on the TV show “Hart to Hart”.  She stole my heart and this little birthday treat seemed appropriate.  It used a very expensive can of refrigerated crab meat made into cat (and people) friendly crab cakes.  Talk about a hit!

Thanks for stopping by.  Happy and safe travels!
Brad, Jesse James, and the birthday girl, Jennifer Stefanie
Jones County, Iowa

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0 Responses to All Fired Up

  1. JO says:

    Those pancakes look so good. Have a great time with the family. Love the heart shaped crab cake.

  2. Brad says:

    Good morning Jo. The pancakes were tasty but all those carbs sure caught up a little later. Oh well, to die happy! The kitties are driving me nuts this morning (5:30 AM) as the van is being packed. They don't get to go this time but are all worked up. Take care!

  3. Shadowmoss says:

    Happy Birthday to the birthday princess.

    My two are about to have a change in their life that I don't know how it will go. I bought a Class C RV and will be moving into it. Decided this morning to try using the cat tree they like as my ladder to the bed above the cab so they can still have it. Litter box will go in the shower on a mat as that is the only place it fits. Bye-bye expensive self cleaning litter box, no room, and back to old school open litter box. Also, one of mine hates to be in a moving vehicle. Hoping they will adjust.

  4. Brad says:

    Hi! It's difficult to say how they will like it. Having each other is a huge plus. They may not like moving (neither of mine care for it) but they might like the change of scenery.

    I went with an open litter box but with a shroud around three sides of it. That works very well. Jesse is a "litter thrower" but this stops him. I used a full sized litter box and both kitties love it. The biggest thing is lots of hugs and they seem to get over the fear.