*NEW* Pleinguy and VT Meet Up

David and Tardis

David, aka “Pleinguy” from PleinAirJourney.com and his vessel TARDIS.

Hello friends and welcome BACK to the Van Trekker blog.  For those of you who subscribed in the past, I am sorry for the deluge of emails Monday morning.  I pulled all of the content back from Blogger and it emailed each person for every post.  Hopefully that will never happen again!

If you want your email address removed from the list, please let me know and I will do my best to see that it happens!

Christmas Border2

On Saturday I met up with David, the guy many of us know from PleinAirJourney.com.  David’s blog is one that I have linked and will again when I get this blog back to being fully functional.  We met up in the Photo Department at Wally World where I was running around cutting fabric, bringing carts in from outside, loading a 55″ TV into a car, etc.  That is, of course, when I wasn’t putting away freight, too.  It was a busy day – as are all of them in the retail arena!

After the greetings, I took David over to the Hale Tap to try an Iowa favorite – the pork tenderloin.  Unfortunately, there were no pictures.  We were both hungry and forgot to snap photos!

Later in the evening, David and I headed north.  He drove TARDIS and I drove “The Serena” – the van I’ve named after its feline pal whose memories still bring a sense of loss and an occasional tear to the eye.  We arrived at the trout hatchery but the campground was full of people!

Done pic over Eldorado

Goeken Park overlooking Eldorado

After a meal at the town of Gunder (a favorite place), we camped at Goeken Park just above the town of Eldorado.  Trees prevented picture taking but I’d happened to bring a drone along.  The wind was fierce yet it was possible to capture a still of the area.

USS Serena and Tardis

TARDIS on the right, Brad’s van on the left

David’s motorhome is a Lazy Daze Class C.  It’s got an awesome bed above the cab and the RV is very spacious.  The shower is full sized – even a fat guy like me would be able to fit in there.   There are two couches in the back that can be used as two beds or even combined into a large one.  I really liked his refrigerator.  It has an excellent capacity for storage and a digital readout to make sure the food is kept cold.  I was impressed with the amount of living space and quality of build of this motorhome.  It’s amazing!

Tardis at Goeken Park

A view of TARDIS from above…


On Sunday, David and I visited Decorah.  We went to the waterfalls, did a little fishing (I only caught one small one while we were together – more later in the evening in another county), visited the super busy “Whippy Dip” for an ice cream, and we had a lunch at the “must visit” place called “Mabe’s Pizza”.  It was a fast but every enjoyable visit.  Please check out David’s blog when you get time.  He’s a fun person!

Whippy Dip

The Whippy Dip, formerly a fast food ice cream restaurant, now a Decorah icon.

While we chatted, David mentioned “Van Trekker” numerous times.  I’d abandoned the name in February, vowing to separate myself from this previous identity…. But David’s influence made the difference in deciding to resurrect this blog.   Yep, I’m still “V.T.” and always will be.  It’s good to be back.

Please bear with me as I relink to other blogs, fix up the widgets on this blog, add new pages and such.

Take care, enjoy life, and “live long and prosper”.   Please give a shout out when you’re headed this way!

Brad, Jesse James, and Jennifer
Jones County, Iowa

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