Quasqueton Car Show and Camping

Hello and welcome to the blog!  Tonight Jesse James and I are camping in Quasqueton, Iowa.  That’s a mouthful.  The town’s name is pronounced “KWAS-kweee-tun”.  That’s not so bad.  This little community is located in southern Buchanan County, about 32 miles due north of Cedar Rapids.

The weather is unusually cool and comfortable due to a Canadian air mass.  With a job interview coming up on Monday, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to do a little camping during this cool period.  What is ironic is that I’d not stayed here for quite some time.  Then I realized that within weeks, it’s been about 30 years!  As I approached town, signs and a detour announced a car show.  That seemed like a fun diversion.

1_Quas Mississippi2

Wapsipinicon River at Quasqueton…

I used to remember a dangerous low head dam in this place.  According to what I read, it still is here!  A great deal of rock was poured into the river to create the arches to make what appears to be a rapids.  At first many anglers were very angry because fisherman love fishing in the eddy currents below a dam and that was taken away.  But the same changes made in another county actually improved fishing.  Only time will tell.


Nothing like a riverfront view!


Once situated in the campground, I walked down to the bridge and into town – a good 15 minute stroll each way.   The car show was under way and there were some really cool vehicles to drool over.

1 Nova

A 1973 Chevy Nova SS. I had a ’73 Nova one time.. but not like this!


An older International truck


1_Old Chevy



1_Old Van

What a cool camper this 1964 Dodge Sportsman van would make!

Upon returning, it was time to make supper.  As is usually the case, lots of thought went into what to cook. It had to be fresh and colorful, veggie rich and with modest carbs.  This Szechuan Beef and Peppers dish turned out very tasty, satisfying, and didn’t bother the blood sugar.  The rice?  It’s only 1/2 serving of the pre-packaged stuff.  (The rest of the rice package stayed at home –  portion control!)


The view is as enjoyable as cooking a tasty, healthy dish!

Jesse did not venture out of the van very much today.  I let him play briefly but there were a lot of teenage girls partying, talking loudly, and it was annoying (and scary for him).  If I was a cat, I’d be scared of those cackling hens, too!

All in all, it’s been a fun day to end a terrific week.  I’ve lost 6 pounds, the blood sugar is doing great, and in just one week it was possible to make $120 cutting lawns with my little Toro walk-behind mower.  Even better, if the job interview works out on Monday, it would mean being able to sit at a desk again – a real plus!

For now, that’s about it.  Take care and thanks for visiting Quasqueton with us today!

1_Jesse Chlling

Zonked out!

Bradford, Jesse James, and Kitty Jennifer
Jones County, Iowa



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