Checking Out the Little Turkey River


Little Turkey River winding from SW to NE through the Ram Hollow Wildlife Area

Hello and welcome to the blog!  Today I had a chance to check out a different trout stream in a county where I just haven’t done much fishing – Delaware County.  Why have I avoided that area?  Some of the trout streams in Delware county are near camping areas and have some “drive-up” holes.  They get pummeled by hoards of anglers.  Trout fishing is one of those intimate activities where it is often more enjoyable to be alone – just you and the fish.  It’s always fun though and today was no exception as I investigated what proved to be a real jewel of a secluded fishing spot.


It’s fun to look at each town’s water tower!

On this trip I had an occupant – kitty Jennifer.  Unfortunately, she was an unwilling passenger and a couple of times raked her four sets of claws over my neck as she hopped back and forth from the front to the back of the van.  She also threw up on the carpet and sh** on my bed.  Lovely!  I kept Jenny in the van while parked here at the entrance to this walk-in area.



The Little Turkey River is more like a creek at this point, lazily meandering its way north and east.


The fishing was fantastic.  Predictably, there weren’t a lot of fish at that first hole (pictured above) and they were on the smallish side.  Trout usually bite from largest to smallest.  When you catch small ones right way, particularly from a hole close to the road, that’s probably all you will get.  That was okay; the scenery at the first location was beautiful.


A “Z” in the creek

I walked back upstream a good distance – perhaps close to a mile.  This “Z” shaped stretch provided some fishing fun, both in the large pool below as well as the pocket above.  The fish were visible and went streaking after the bait.  They seemed eager to bite on impact.  That makes it fun!


Yeah, that mug looke smug. 🙂

I played the catch and release game a bit and ended up with some nice fat trout in the 13-14 inch range.   For this area, that’s a decent length.


After limiting out and cleaning the fish, I decided to head out and pondered camping.  Jennifer was again worked up and howling.  Unfortunately, being in the valley, I had missed a couple of important phone calls, one of which had me returning home.  Camping can happen the next time.  As I was passing through town on the way out, I noticed this humorous sign and stopped – because I could – and snapped a picture.

While out and about, in the background the crockpot was running from the coach batteries and cooking lunch. It turned out pretty tasty.  I took some chicken breasts and cooked them in salsa, salt, pepper, garlic, and combined that with some chiles in adobo sauce… then used the meat to make some softshell tacos. The result was so satisfying that I’ve vowed to do it again on another trip.  It was virtually hassle free.  (Some days a person just doesn’t want to mess around with cooking a big meal.)


So Jenny and I are back home.  Instead of eating the food in the house, I’ve been outside in the van working on this post and eating tacos.  There is always next time… and there will be a next time soon.  A friend of the blog, Scott, left a comment on the last post.  I spoke with him and he lives in the “trout country” area in NE Iowa.  When our schedules work out, he’s invited me to do a little camping up that way.  I hope it all works out so that can happen soon!

Even though it was cloudy and gloomy – even drizzling and sprinkling at times – it’s always time well spent to enjoy some fresh air.  I’d nearly gone back home when the weather looked crappy.  Instead, the day turned out to one of the most enjoyable in some time.  Well, except for the unfortunate fish, that is.  🙂

Thanks for stopping by!  Safe and happy travels always.   And if you get out this way, please say hi.  Just stop at the local McDonalds and tell them you know “Bradford”.  It’s a small town and someone can get in touch!

Brad, Jesse James, and Jennifer
Anamosa, Iowa


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