Taking Inventory


Brass, black, galvanized, copper…  plumbing and gas fittings in all shapes and sizes… and lots to sort out!

Hello and welcome to the blog today.  Today has been one of those days that bring retail folks stress – INVENTORY!  For the last couple of weeks I’ve been busy sorting thousands of fittings, physically measuring hundreds of feet of “by the foot” rubber hose, and organizing many dozens of small hardware items on peg hooks.  Tedious?  Yes!  But the hard work does pay the bills!  There will always be job security, too.  Someone’s got to sort out everything that customers rip open or put back in the wrong location.   🙂


Hose by the foot?  Try measuring every spool… the longest of which was 222 feet! 🙂

In actuality, the counting process itself was not bad at all.  I’ve worked places where the third party inventory company hired sketchy people and such… and they were not professional.  But the crew this year was amazing.  The co-workers and I had worked our butts off the last week prepping everything for today.  The actual counting process went pretty smoothly and the new inventory folks were efficient, friendly, and fun.  We did a lot of spot recounts to ensure accuracy.  Though things went well, I’m glad it’s all over for now!

Recently I’ve been doing a little personal inventory taking, too.  Money is becoming very tight and I can’t hit the road as often any more.  Since transitioning to full-time employment and having “real” (non-government) insurance, the healthcare costs of been very hard on the personal budget… Life is all about re-evaluating what works and what doesn’t and making adjustments.  But not all changes have to be painful!

One of those adjustment ideas came when recently eating some of the fish I’d stored for the winter.  The sheepshead (freshwater drum) fillets were so good they changed the fishing priorities!


Freshwater Drum

The trout streams won’t be visited as often as I plan to do more angling in the Mississippi River for drum, a mild tasting fish that reminds me of eating pollock.  Fishing in a different place also means visiting some different campgrounds.  Jenny will get plenty of chances to go along!


bulkhead 3


Another change to camping will make dining easier.  I’d previously mentioned that the bulkhead door is going to be replaced.  There are plans for a stealthy and quite attractive fold down dinner table.  It will be a fun addition.  The dining side will face the front of the van and fold down toward the inside and over my easy chair so I can dine or use it as a small desk. Though it will face the cab when locked upright, the beautiful, nicely finished “dinner table” will be hidden from sight by the old bulkhead wall curtain in the cab.  🙂  I hope to start this project soon.

Another improvement on the agenda is adding a little carpeting to “finish off” some areas.

On Saturday and Sunday of this week, the plan is to go for a little overnight camping trip somewhere.  I saw a campground that looks like a great place to check out.  Watch for pictures.   🙂

That’s about all for now.  Thanks for stopping by!

Safe and happy travels always!

Brad and Jennifer
Jones County, Iowa

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