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My coworkers – a really fun group!

Hello and welcome to the blog today!  It is Thursday night and much of the day was spent at the vendor show in Dubuque, Iowa.   The work pals and I headed up here to see the latest and greatest of the home, farm, and auto products.  The gathering was sponsored by the company.  A delicious banquet lunch was provided.


Matrix of stuff to see

177 booths…The highlighted ones were chosen for each of us.

After arriving we had a wonderful lunch (and a couple Diet Cokes).  Each of us reviewed the agenda.  I was given a mix of sporting goods, hardware, tools, lawn and garden equipment, and other areas to visit.  In addition to meeting with each of these vendors, there was ample opportunity to check out areas of interest.


DeWalt tools – one of the favorites!

One of the items of great interest was some employee priced tools.  Bundled together was a DeWalt hammer drill and an impact driver.  Included were two batteries as well… all for just $99.  The same set at Lowe’s is $310.  It came home with me!

One of the areas of interest was, of course, pet food vendors.  There were many of the big names present:  Hills Science Diet, Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance, Blue Buffalo, etc.  Instead of gathering many trinkets for myself, Jenny got a lot of goodies.

Dick Van Pattens booth

Natural Balance – a company founded by actor Dick Van Patten in 1989… The JM Smucker company acquired Natural Balance a few years ago.

In addition to cat food samples, I ended up with many pens, a few cloth carrying bags, a visor, a bottle of fuel injector cleaner, etc… The best item scored was a 4 pound bag of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” brand cat food.  I’ve been wanting to try Jenny on it for some time and she seems appreciative.  She also got a nice pouch of “Greenies” cat treats.  She wolfs them down when visiting the veterinarian.  That little girl made out like a bandit, raking in at least 30 bucks worth of the good stuff!

Jenny Samples

She’s a lucky little girl…


After the exposition, our crew stopped for a Dairy Queen treat and headed back.  Everyone had a blast.  I’ve got lots of pens for future camping trips including one that has a built-in flash light.  Cloth bags will carry some of the necessities for trips.  The impact driver will help with maintenance on the car and van – no more straining to get the rusty lug nuts off.   🙂

But the trip today was not just for Jenny and I to gather freebies.  Part of what was learned was about the features of some of the cool new Lawnboy lawnmowers, the construction of sump pumps, differences in manufacturing techniques for kayaks, and how to easily fillet a bluegill with an electric knife.  Havahart live animal traps have superior welds compared to cheaper models.  One line of dog kennel panels has a special post weld, anti-rust treatment before powder coating.  Of the various weed killers, there is one that is horse friendly.  There is another that works all season by attaching to the soil.  There was so much learned!


Show samples

The new DeWalt toys, wild colored compression socks, cup, pens, and other goodies.


That’s about it for now!  I’ve got to work this weekend but will find some time to camp one of these days.  A week from now the weather looks spectacular for a little fishing and camping trip.  There’s another campground up north I’m anxious to try, especially now that trout stocking season is starting back up this next week.  Stay tuned.  🙂

Thanks for visiting today!  Safe and happy travels always!

Brad and Jennifer
Jones County, Iowa

Diet Coke Brad

Enjoying life… one Diet Coke at a time!

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