It’s Rabbit Season

Poor little bunny is getting the stare-down!

Hello and welcome to the blog today.  

First of all, I’m sorry to all the vegetarians and small animal lovers who find acts of nature uncomfortable…   Whatever happened to when we all used to watch the TV show called Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom?  Oh well…. Some friends overseas in a cat lovers’ group because very upset at the thought of a bunny being bothered so I deleted the picture of Jenny proudly carrying her prey.  

Well, for me it’s not rabbit season but Jenny sure had different ideas today.  While planting basil this evening I heard a terrible commotion.  Usually she’s attacking the birds or chipmunks.  This time Jennifer brought me another present… a small rabbit.

If looks could kill, the intrepid tortoise shell cat would have finished off the bunny.  That set my mind to thinking… If she ever does this again and is successful, I could just clean it, stuff it, and roast the thing over a campfire…  Jenny, you had a good idea there, Princess!

A close-up of the somewhat shaken but uninjured neighbor rabbit.

Later this year I’ll be processing rabbits for real.  Kenny C., a local farmer and grower of the furry little lagomorphs, asked me to help him butcher some this year.  I’ll be out at his farm doing just that:  dispatching, skinning, cleaning, etc.  He’s asked for some trout and offered to trade a rabbit for a limit of fish.  That will work.  I’m not sure what will be passed along for pictures – they might be disturbing to some – but should make for interesting conversation.

Basil the recently acquired basil plant… protected from the Iowa weather.

This is Myrtle. She’s tough! This poor plant was damaged by cold temperatures and lost all its leaves but I’m not giving up on Myrtle. She’s bouncing back!


For now it’s back to weeding the herb patch and planting basil… the two leafy friends pictured above named Basil and Myrtle.  It will be fun to track their progress and enjoy sauces from the plentiful leaves.  I’m anxious to see how Myrtle bounces back from nearly succumbing to Iowa’s unusually cold weather.  Soon a hot pepper plant or two will be added as well.

The next day off from the McJob (which is going very well) is Monday.  I’ve been putting in 6 days a week and the money is helping a lot.  The work is a lot of fun and like every job, it has been possible to make some good friends.  This morning, one even brought me a number of packages of salmon fish for the freezer at the home base.

I’m sure next week there will be some camping time.  The van has new tires on the back, it’s getting cleaned out, and there is a new mattress pad for the bed.  Other than one of Jenny’s catch-n-release rabbits, there will likely be something good cooked up.  The boss discarded something from McDonald’s that might just work for doing some cooking in the campfire next week.  We’ll see!

Safe and happy travels!

Bradford and Jenny
Jones County, Iowa


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