Mother Nature Strikes Again

Hello and welcome to the blog.  It was another Wednesday and another day of severe weather in Iowa.  My camping trip had to be cut short…  But it was still a fun day today!

I left work early and decided to camp over on Tuesday night at a favorite trout stream near the town of Garnavillo.  A thunderstorm was building to the west but it did not look all that bad… But that quickly changed as the storm turned tornadic.  Warned by the weather radio, I evacuated to a safe place to the north.

The rain pummeled the van for hours.  I camped at the casino in Marquette.  We received several inches of rain.  Just 12 minutes to the south they received over a foot of rain.  The area is very hilly and there were mudslides, houses flooded, and the Little Turkey river flash flooded.  Some gravel roads were washed out.  The very stream I’d parked next to had flooded and destroyed the campground last year… I didn’t want to stick around!

Muddied by rains, the trout fishing was not good.

After getting up in the morning, I traveled to the north but all the trout streams to the Minnesota border were flooded and muddy.  Thankfully I caught one fish today at Bloody Run Creek but decided to return home due to the bad water condition.

All was not lost.  Plenty of food was taken along for the camping trip.   After returning home and checking on Jenny, I decided to head to a nearby park and do the cookout near home.  Central Park is about 15 minutes east of here.  It was necessary to hurry a bit because storm clouds were gathering west of Anamosa…  Mother Nature has sure been in a bad mood lately!

Dessert first…  This was made from blueberries supplied from the local food pantry.  The berries were donated by the state of Michigan.  The two cinnamon rolls were the type from a tube. The dessert was heavenly!

The meal was kung pao chicken as well as some homemade crab rangoon appetizers.  The rangoons were easy to make.  I used a tub of veggie cream cheese, added a few ounces of imitation crab, a bit of sugar and a dash of soy sauce. The mixture was on ice for a couple days to let the flavors mingle.  Just prior to cooking, the skins were loaded with the filling and then pinched shut.

It was thundering by the time the picnic was packed up.  A heavy thunderstorm hit just as I got home.  Ha ha, Mother Nature.  Better luck next time!

That’s about it for now.  It wasn’t the most enjoyable camping outing but it was a chance to get away from work for a bit.  The food was good and I’ve got a nice trout to eat on tomorrow.  Life is good!

Rainbow over the homebase after the storm tonight…

The weather is sounding better in the coming days.  We’e had enough rain, hail, flash floods, and tornadoes.  I’m not sure what the next camping trip will involve but fishing is off the table.  All the rivers and streams are a mess right now.  I’ve got some other ideas for fun things to do including a “pick your own blueberries” type place.  We’ll see where things end up!

Take care and thanks for visiting.  Safe and happy travels!

Bradford and Jenny
Jones County, Iowa


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