What is it With Wednesdays?

More lovely Iowa weather… all illuminated by lightning.

Good evening and welcome!  This photo was taken at 8:45 PM… a time when it is normally quite bright outside.  We had a severe thunderstorm move in a few minutes ago.  To the north of town this storm spawned funnel clouds.  Once again I opted to cancel the planned camping trip and stay home.  The small thunderstorm passed directly over our little town covering only about 1/4th of the county.  We had 70 MPH winds and hail about the size of nickels.  The van was safe under the carport.  The car didn’t sustain any damage, thankfully.

I was taking Jenny for a walk as the storm moved in.  She was unusually anxious to go back in the house just seconds before the violent winds hit.

Why do we keep getting crazy weather on Wednesdays?  Oh well, at least it didn’t disrupt any fireworks displays.  🙂


Jessica (cat lover) and Bre (always smiling)

Shannon (an art major) and Cory (only pretending to look grim)







The job has been super busy the last few weeks with summer in full swing.  I really enjoy working with the kids at the Golden Arches.  We manage to have a lot of fun while getting the burgers out.  Above are some of the buddies.  Originally hired as a lobby person, I also run six other work stations when needed… often helping these kids when things get busy.

In addition to receiving a paycheck and some great deals on food, it’s been possible to earn extra camping / fishing money.  I’ve been picking up lost coins in the drive-thru lane… as well as gathering discarded cans and bottles from the property.  Each is worth a nickel refund for the can/bottle deposit.  I’ve also been awarded $40 in bonuses for customer compliments!  All these extra $$$ go into the camping fund.  🙂


Jenny also gets a little treat from McDonald’s each night.  I bring her a few ice cubes for her new toy – a water fountain that looks somewhat like … the porcelain throne.  Water passes through a charcoal filter so it is constantly clean and fresh.  The fountain will come in handy while Daddy is out in the boonies.

If everything works out well, I’m hoping to do some camping next Wednesday; the extended forecast looks favorable.  Only time will tell!  It is likely that the destination will be up north somewhere in trout oountry.

There are some new ideas for camping meals, including using a new cooking pan that I won on Deal Dash, the online penny auction site.  More about that on the next post.

Take care and have a good rest of the week.  Safe and happy travels!

Brad and Jenny
Jones County, Iowa