Labor Day Camping Visit

Hello and welcome to the blog.  Hopefully everyone had a terrific Labor Day!

Today is Wednesday and I’m between shifts (working 11-2 and 5-8).  The weather is fantastic and the weekend (starting Monday) was enjoyable.

Muscatine, Iowa

On Monday I went to Muscatine, Iowa and visited my buddy Johnnie.  It was fun to just sit around and shoot the breeze.  He made amazing Reuben sandwiches… and I surely will do the same on a future camping trip though mine probably won’t be quite as delicious.  A thick warm sandwich and a frosty beer sounds delightful!

I camped overnight in the street in front of Johnnie’s house.  A cold front blew through and the temperature dropped to 50 outside.  The sleep was blissful until about 3 AM.  Something hit my roof vent lid and I thought it sounded like a car drove away quickly.  I was out of it – very sleepy – and did not go out until the sun came up.  Something smelled foul but I was not certain as to what it was.

When the sun came up, I found a bag of some kind or organic matter next to the van.  The substance could have been feces or even catfish stink bait.  Apparently it was lobbed to hit the vent but had fallen.  To be a good citizen I donned gloves and placed the bag into a scented trash can liner.  I’m just grateful that the person did not vandalize the van.  It was crazy, nonetheless!

The start of a tasty breakfast.

I cooked breakfast for Johnnie and his pal John.  We had hash brown potatoes with chopped peppers, sweet corn, onions and garlic, eggs, kielbasa, and cheese.  The grub was prepared over the high temp burner used for camping.

Though brief, Monday was a fun opportunity to see Johnnie.  I’d not visited for months and promised it won’t be so long until the next time.  Life is too short not to stay in touch with friends / loved ones.

Upon returning home, I checked the latest pay stub online, finding good news.  For our location, when someone does the McDonalds online survey and mentions an employee by name the team member gets a $20 bonus.  This is the seventh I’ve received.   I always put a $20 bill in the “fishing bucket”.  Twenty dollars may not seem like much but on a frugal trip it would buy four nights of camping fees at the trout hatchery campground.  You can buy a lot of propane with it.  Heck, an Iowa yearly fishing license is only $19.  Yes, a twenty is definitely precious!

Visitors on the plants outside the home base… They are the “American Painted Lady” butterflies – much smaller than a monarch.

This last trip Jenny did not get to go along due to the forecasted 80 degree weather.  With fall quickly approaching, I am planning to take her out very soon – perhaps on Monday night to a park close to home.  In the meantime the kitty has been a handful.  A number of butterflies showed up today and somehow two got into the trailer.  Jennifer, the feline-based home defense system, intercepted each in mid-air.  There were no survivors.  That cat!

That’s about it for now.  Take care and thanks for visiting.  Safe and happy travels.

Brad and Jenny
Jones County, Iowa


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