Why We Need the Struggle

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One of the kids from work posted to Facebook tonight and said “Some people don’t know what struggle is.”  I had to agree with her!  But as I told Erin, struggles can be good.   Difficult times make us who we are.  Struggles help develop and reveal our character.  They polish our talents and can boost our self-esteem.  Hard times can enhance the work ethic and help us to appreciate what we do have – the things we have worked for.  We shouldn’t run from struggles but face them head-on as much as possible.

Working extra hours at 5 AM helps pay for camping and fishing trips!  And yes, that IS a Diet Coke!

The picture above was taken in front of our store in Anamosa.  To pick up extra money for recreation, on Sunday mornings I do the power washing of the sidewalk and drive-thru areas.  The chore takes about 3 hours and adds about $20 a week to the paychecks – money that sits in a jar at home – and doesn’t even factor in to the budget.  Sure, it is not always fun working so early and after going home at 8 AM, I have to come back in for two more split shifts for a total of 9 or 10 hours spread out throughout the whole day.  But it’s worth the struggle!  Great things just don’t come easy!

Idea for tomorrow’s fishing lunch…

Not much has been going on lately… just lots of working and taking care of things at home.  I’ve stocked up on some frozen chicken tenders that can be baked and they are proving useful in various ideas.  The picture above was a test run to see how the Caesar salad kit (marked down due to a close date) would work out with the tomato-basil high fiber wraps.   Another is being made for tomorrow.

In a few short hours buddy Steve and I are going to do some fishing on Tuesday.  A lot of rain is heading north but we’ll be well ahead of it for most of the day.   The fall leave colors should be at peak.  Depending on the clouds – or lack thereof – we might get some good tree pictures.

The next camping trip is planned for next Monday and Tuesday.   I’m not sure where Jenny and I will be heading but the state campgrounds will be less expensive now that October is here.  It’s getting cold enough that we will likely want to run a heater at night.  Oh, but does that autumn air feel good!

That’s about it for now.  Hopefully the fishing won’t be a “struggle” tomorrow.  🙂

Take care and safe and happy travels!

Brad and Jenny
Jones County, Iowa


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