New Cooking Idea and a Road Trip

Greetings and welcome to the blog!  On Tuesday buddy Steve and I went fishing up north.  We had a blast despite some gloomy weather.  There was a major, slow moving rainstorm on the way and we kept a bit ahead of it.

Walk-in area at Little Paint Creek

We first fished at familiar places such as Buck Creek in Clayton County.  The streams were pretty well fished out.  I pointed at the sky and we could see the high tops of the storms that were encroaching on our stream.  To beat the storms we headed north into Allamakee County.  Steve and I fished at Little Paint Creek.  There were a lot of vehicles there – old timers were angling at all the easy-access holes.  It’s unusual to see that many cars and trucks there.  Then I saw the tire tracks from the trout stocking truck and that made sense.  A lot of the old timers follow the stocking trucks for an easy day and a guaranteed limit of trout.

A big ole’ hornets nest hanging from a pine tree.

Knowing the park well, I made a calculated gamble and suggested the walk-in area.  It is also stocked.  One has to drive to the far end of the campground and walk back about 3/4 of a mile or so to get to the best holes… and very few people do because the trail is rocky and it takes a while to traverse it!  After splitting up, I quickly limited out and then coached Steve on where to cast and what bait to use to get the skiddish trout.  They could see us so we had to throw in and hide behind the weeds.

Steve holding our collective catch.

It sure was fun.  Just as we’d cleaned the fish I commented that there were raindrops on my buddy’s jacket.  Within just a few minutes it started to pour and never let up the rest of the day.  The wind was cold and blew from the side.  We had contemplated cooking out and had brought along things to make a nice meal.  As cold and rainy as it was, here is what we had for supper… and neither of us minded!

Steve and I had still gotten in a great day of fishing and both caught our limits of fish.  I drove us over to Decorah to see the waterfalls and the other sights.  We stopped at the creamery and got cheese curds and ice cream.  Steve now has some good fishing stories to tell about the trip and we vowed to do it again this month.

So here was the new cooking idea…  Many of the crew and managers at work love Chinese food.  Some of us were talking the other day about how much we like Crab Rangoon (which actually originated in the US).  So much of the time, rangoons are all wonton wrapper with very little filling.  I made up a little different version – baked pie crust shells that housed the homemade filling.  Savannah loved them.  Also made where some that used a simple strawberry cream cheese spread.  They were a hit and were very easy to make, including using the egg wash.  These little pies were sealed with a fork on both sides and resembled Mexican empanadas.

Savannah enjoying some treats!

That’s about it for now.  I’m planning to do an overnight trip on Monday.  After another beneficial, soaking rain it has turned very cold here and the creeks (“cricks”) are high.  I’d originally planned to make a big power salad for tomorrow’s trip.  Instead, some homemade soup sounds like a great idea.  In a little over a week, the plan is to take another 2 1/2 day trip somewhere, likely fishing again up north with the kitty.  There are new recipes to try… but few comfort like a couple of overstuffed fish and a can of “barley pop”.    🙂  🙂

At the moment, Jenny is crawling all over the computer and threatening to mess up the post if she doesn’t get her walk this morning before Daddy goes to work.  She nearly always gets her way!

Take care and happy and safe camping!

Brad and Jenny
Jones County, Iowa


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