Holiday Plans and Thoughts

The nativity scene in front of Marv and Suzanne’s house in Anamosa (two favorite customers)

Hello and welcome to the blog!  The holidays are fast approaching.  We had a bit of snow here in eastern Iowa the last couple of days but it quickly melted.  It’s not looking like a white Christmas…  but you never know!

City swimming pool. The stairs for the water slide are decorated with icicle style lights.

Just a side note… Throughout this post are some pictures of Christmas lights in the Anamosa area.  I drove around tonight taking pictures of some of the cool sights…

More of the swimming pool area.

I’m extra grateful to have this Christmas to enjoy with friends and the work family after another close call.  On Sunday night I was very tired and took a large amount of the wrong insulin (85 extra units of Humalog) at bed time after having just taken a mealtime dose… That much might have put me in a coma had I fallen asleep… a “last hurrah”  (*shudder*)

Jenny was in bed with me and just like last year when this happened she scratched at my arm, face, howled loudly, etc.  I realized something was wrong and this time was able to stabilize the sugar in time without going to the ER.  I was disoriented and stumbling for a day but things getting better.

She’s my guardian angel!

The doctor was understanding but wanted an action plan.  Now the bedtime insulin is in the fridge by the bed and the mealtime stuff is in the kitchen.  No more taking the wrong kind.  God bless that beloved little cat though.  She’s saved Daddy’s butt twice!


Well after that previous outing I’d said it was the last camping trip of the autumn season.  That was a bit premature, particularly with recent events.  Life is too short not to enjoy every chance to get some fresh air.  Things can happen all too quickly!  A person should go when the spirit moves him or her!

It’s possible that the next trip will happen this coming Monday into Tuesday.  Jenny probably won’t go out again this year.  It’s getting pretty cold around here and I have to look out for her just as she takes care of me.  She’s now discovered some of the people food seen on the blog and realizes that pancakes with lots of butter are a cat’s best friend.

By the way, here is some stuff I’ve been cooking up to try camping.  Even diabetics can enjoy this stuff — in moderation.

Pumpkin spice, maple, and pecan pancakes (left) and wild blueberry pancakes (right). Both were delicious but the pumpkin won out on flavor.

So what else is new?  One of the farmer friends stopped out at work the other day and invited me to do some ice fishing on his pond not far from home.  It’s loaded with crappies, bluegills, and bass.  Oh, do some pan fish sound yummy right now.

There is a lot to get done in the coming days.  I’m finishing a couple stocking caps for Sis and the brother-in-law and have to get them mailed soon.  There’s a Christmas brunch this weekend that sounds amazing and there will be a chance to visit with Santa.  We’ve also got a Christmas gift exchange coming up at work.  It’s going to be a lively latter half of December… and a busy one.

In closing, please ignore in the previous post where I said “last hurrah” — even for a season.  I’m not anxious for that to ever happen and a person never realizes how fragile life can be.

Stay tuned for some fun pictures next week.  I hope everyone’s holidays are extra special!

Take care.  Safe and happy camping!

Brad and Nurse Jenny
Anamosa, Iowa