Memorial Day Celebrated but at Home


Hello and welcome to the blog.  First of all, thank you to all the veterans who have done so much for this great country.  Over the many years they have liberated us, kept us free, and continue to keep us safe.  What a noble and heroic thing our servicemen and servicewomen do on a daily basis!


I spent Memorial Day laid up and sore… On Sunday I was helping a co-worker and fell over a carelessly discarded box.  By 4PM I was crawling the length of the trailer house on my hands and knees.  Not able to stand, supper was not an option so I crawled over to the pantry and dined on a can of baked beans.  Eventually I was able to stand enough to get to the hospital.

The doctor lady was very kind  and got me on some IV anti-inflammatory meds.  I’m on crutches for a couple of days and taking some Diclofenac Potassium, another anti-inflammatory. They can keep the opioid stuff… I’ve seen too many people get messed up on it.

Working on the campfire cobbler idea…

The Memorial Day parade watching / camping / fishing / cooking trip had to be delayed.  It’s too difficult to get around as it is, let alone carrying a cooler.  But all was not lost.  Last night I was getting around a little better and cooked up the intended camping food, including a delicious peach / rhubarb / blackberry cobbler, some great burgers, and bacon-wrapped asparagus.  The meat and veggies were fried on a griddle while seated on a kitchen chair… The “campfire cobbler” was baked over the oven fire.  😀   But everything tasted wonderful, thankfully.

Well, there’s still plenty of spring / summer left to enjoy.  All is not lost.  Besides, on Sunday it was 98 degrees – a record high temperature.  On Monday the temp was again 95 with high humidity.  It would have been miserable.  It;s amazing that just five weeks ago there was snow and ice on the ground!

This coming Monday and Tuesday look nicer.  We’re expecting 80 for a high temperature and 60 for a low — absolutely perfect camping weather for Iowa.  I’ll be out there (barring any accidents) and there will be some great pictures of the pond area at Jim’s place — including drone shots.

Just a side note.  Fishing buddy Steve and friend Jim were at McDonald’s yesterday when I came in hobbling on crutches.  Jim confirmed the “big fish” story to Steve, including the lost cell phone.   We all agreed it wasn’t a wise idea to go fishing on the dock while on crutches…

Well there was one smart idea that happened lately, A small extension cord was stretched from the van’s inverter to the cab.  (The plan is to make a heavier one from an old Christmas light cord) Now it’s possible to run the netbook machine and blog from the comfort of the driver’s seat with the air conditioner running.  The cord is a nice thing to have available, particularly if I ever needed to plug in a small battery charger for the engine.  Too bad it only took 7 years to get around to doing it!

That’s all for now.  Take care and thanks for stopping by.  Hopefully the camping is going well for everyone!

Brad and Jenny
Jones County, Iowa

Jenny watching over the cooking process last night.

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