Something Fishy With that Cell Phone

Buddy Jim S. from Jones County

Hello and welcome to the blog.  It’s been a crazy week so far with a trip to the doctor and an undesirable expense… But thank the Good Lord for good friends both at work and outside in the real world.  This month has been very difficult money-wise but things are turning around slowly after a crazy long winter with high heating bills.

Right when things were looking up, late last week I felt a crunching and was in a great deal of pain with the right foot.  On Sunday I should have gone to the Emergency Room and had it looked at but opted to work when we were shortstaffed.  A trip to the doctor’s revealed (via X-ray) a nasty heel spur that was poking pretty good.  An extra shoe cushion for $2.50 made all the difference between limping and wincing vs.  walking in comfort.  Lesson learned there!

Now that the pain is gone, today the fishing bug kicked in about 4:15 AM and it wasn’t going away.  I’d recently spoken with friend Jim, a retired farmer, when he came to work;  Jim invited me to fish his pond, saying “It ain’t doin’ anyone any good if ya don’t fish it.”  I’m going to be there over Memorial Day because the pond and surrounding land is a very beautiful place, private, and the fishing is amazing!  It’s only 12 minutes from town.  There will be some pretty pictures next week.

The above picture is a view from the dock.  I fished for a couple hours and caught a number of bluegills, keeping four.  Jim drove a little 4-wheeler over to the dock, took out a lawn chair, and joined me.  We had a fun conversation.  I had worked with Jim 32 years ago and he’s just as lively now as back in the day.

With the last worm withering and ready to be cast, I removed the bobber and decided to crank the nightcrawler and tease the bass a little.  Smaller fish nipped at the worm and then something let out a heck of a tug.  I fought the fish tooth ‘n’ nail, hoping to wear it out.  I’m guessing it was a big bass.

“Looks like you hooked a big ‘un!  Don’t let him get under the dock!”  Jim exclaimed.

Though I tried to get him in, the fish alternated zigzag runs, eventually making it under the dock.  The heart was racing because trout don’t fight like this son-of-a-gun did.  But alas, the line broke and he was lost.  If that wasn’t bad enough, during the confusion, somehow my $29 flip phone fell in the pond to a watery grave.  A few curse words came out.  Why does this stuff always happen at the worst time?

“I don’t care about that piece of *$&# phone, but dammit I lost that <censored>’ing fish,” I grumbled.  We both laughed out butts off.  I headed home, went over to Walmart, bought a new cheap flip phone, and another container of worms… all before heading to work for a fun day with a story to tell the friends.  (Being it’s a small town, they can just ask Jim who is probably still chuckling)    🙂

The new “Smart Phone” as I tell the kids at work…. For a clumsy fisherman, it’s SMART not to spend much money on a phone. 🙂

I guess it just goes to show that as much fun can be had at a little pond near home instead of driving 90 miles away.

The plan for Memorial Day is to fish at Jim’s on Monday, grill out, and return on Tuesday.  Jenny won’t be riding along this time due to high temperatures over 90 degrees.  (Who would have believed that a month ago we had four inches of snow on the ground?)  Only in Iowa.  Nevertheless it should be an enjoyable holiday as long as the cell phone stays in the van this time.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope the friends have a terrific Memorial Day weekend.  Safe and happy travels and camping adventures.

Brad and Jenny
Jones County, Iowa

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