National Go Fishing Day

“Snowball”, one of Jim’s farm cats.

Hello and welcome to the blog.  Yes, Monday was National Go Fishing Day.  I heard it on WMT Radio 600 AM.  With the day off from work, what better thing to do for fun?

Buddy Steve and I headed to friend Jim’s farm pond in search of catfish.  After sitting in 90+ degree weather for several hours, we just didn’t have any luck and decided to head back to Anamosa.  We were being roasted and eaten by bugs.  My gosh, for a while it was hotter than the devil’s dining room!  But as we packed up, in the background heavy storms were looming a county to the north; their chilly downdrafts were like having an air conditioner on one’s back.

Fifteen minutes to the south, the Wapsipinicon River was flooded due to heavy rains much farther north.  We were delighted.  The river itself was muddy and bloated but we fished a tributary creek which was backed up and virtually still.

Steve and I both kept hooking small catfish near where the creek met the big river.   Eventually I caught a large mouth bass that was nothing too thrilling but was legal to keep.  (It’s going to be Tuesday’s supper.)

Steve holding my catfish.

As the sun started to go down around 9:00, the fish went wild.  I fished about 1.5 feet below the surface in the relatively shallow creek.  The bobber went down and stayed down.  Not surprising – it was a small bobber in a shallow creek.  But when I went to reel it in, all heck broke loose and the game was on.

Why the picture in the bathroom? Being single, the fish occasionally get cleaned in the bathtub. 🙂

A couple days ago I had restrung all the poles with 20# test line after losing too many big fish lately.  Well, I got it too shore and the rest is history.  The channel cat was 23″ long and 4.5 pounds.  Oh sure, it’s not a monster by any stretch but I’m used to catching 1/2 pound trout.  This was a thrill!  I plan to submit a photo to “John’s Big Ole’ Fish” on KCRG TV9 in Cedar Rapids.  On the news they have a feature showing some of the area lunkers and happy anglers.

Two vessels bringing a lot of fun to a couple of older friends.

There is hardly a post that you see without some tasty food or some kind.  The other night I ended up with some discarded bacon strips and dehydrated onions, as well as a bunch of biscuits.  Using some bulk Italian sausage that was on sale, I made up a delightfully rich sausage/ bacon/ onion and milk  gravy.  It is certain this dish (and gravy recipe) will show up on a future camping trip.

That’s about all for now.  It’s been a difficult time the last few months.  But the fish are biting, the friends are still friendly, and God willing, the creek with keep rising…   A person has to stay positive.

Along those lines… I teased the kids at work the other day when they were bitching about the hot weather… reminding them that in less than a week the days will start getting shorter.  One of the high school kids yelled at me (playfully) and said F.U. Bradford!  I responded with, “You better not shout!  *pause*  “You better not cry!”  and then walked around the kitchen singing the rest of “Santa Clause is Coming to Town”.  We have fun at work and that’s the philosophy with life.  Never let it get you down because we all have the power to be happy no matter the challenges.

Thanks for visiting!  Take care and have a great day!  Happy camping… and fishing, of course!

Brad and Jenny
Anamosa, Iowa

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