Visiting Central Park with Jenny

Hi and welcome to the blog.  First of all. let me say REST IN PEACE, Mollie Tibbetts.  Sadly, her disappearance from Brooklyn, Iowa recently put the small community (in central Iowa) into the spotlight.  We even had a “missing poster” at the McDonald’s where I work.  The suspect who allegedly abducted and murdered her led the police to a nearby cornfield where her body was placed under some cornstalks.  Molly, a University of Iowa student, was stalked and taken while jogging.  Please join the kind men and women of Iowa in a moment of reflection and perhaps say a prayer for the Tibbetts family as we mourn the loss of one of our own.


The lake at Central Park. It’s starting to fill after extensive upgrades.

Well, it’s been a busy time with the summer activities winding down and the new job starting soon.  I had a job orientation on Friday and am excited about the new role beginning on the 27th of August.  More money and getting paid weekly are a good thing!  To celebrate, I decided to take a quiet little camping trip to Central Park, located about 15 minutes from home.  Incidentally, the blue tubes you see on the bottom right are for tiny fish to use as habitat while they are growing.

This bridge is a “Bowstring” type dating back to 1873 and built by the Massillon [Ohio] Iron Bridge Company.  It was originally over the Maquoketa River in Monticello Iowa.  In 1930 it was moved to NW of Anamosa near the small community of Fremont where it crossed Buffalo Creek.  In 1985 the old bridge was relocated to this park NE of Anamosa.  According to the placard, this is possibly the only bowstring bridge remaining in Iowa.

From there I walked over to the registration kiosk and paid the $10 to camp overnight.  On the way back I took this trail as a shortcut.  While about to enter the clearing, I was startled by a very large black dog which I later identified as a mastiff.  He barked so extremely loud that I panicked and reached for my pistol, only to remember the gun was in the van.  I avoided looking the dog in the eye – avoiding what he might take as a challenge.  The dog retreated back to the camping area but later on as Jenny walked with me on a leash, I kept the pistol handy.  When people let their dogs run loose in the park like that it pisses me off.  I’m glad for everyone’s sake that no harm was done to the dog or myself.

Jenny was interested in the new camping chair.  The old one (which I’d repaired) is in the living room at home and she now claims it.   We went for a stroll and she seemed to really enjoy the lush grass.  By now the stomach was growling.

Super easy to use with recipes – I love this stuff! It tastes well and is so convenient!  Just add a couple tablespoons or oil or water to warm it up with.

Supper was made with the little two serving pouch of penne pasta and some alfredo sauce.  The other night I inherited a few grilled chicken breasts from work at closing time.  They were sliced and added to the mixture, along with a few veggies and some Parmesan cheese.  The pasta dish was really tasty!

Buddy Steve enjoying some of the pasta.

I’d been conversing with buddy Steve throughout the day and he came out to the park and enjoyed some of the food.  We talked for a couple of hours and enjoyed hanging out.  As he departed Jenny and I retired for the evening and enjoyed sleeping in the 52 degree weather.

Though just an overnighter, the little trip was relaxing and gave me a chance to slow the mind down.  There have been a lot of changes in my life and a lot of stresses / staffing changes at work.  Well, one thing about working in fast food – you get to meet a lot of new people…  just about every day any more!  Though I’m moving to greener pastures, the thought is to remain an unscheduled employee at the Golden Arches.  They are happy to have the old guy ready to jump in and help if needed!

One more update…  Last Tuesday (the 14th) got a little crazy again.  I went fishing at Fred’s pond one final time for the season and landed a 9 pound catfish.  It was 28 inches long and put up a heck of a fight.  Proud as heck, I stopped and visited Miss Lavern, the vivacious lady from work.  She was cleaning the garage and when she saw the fish and it flapped, she yelled.  Then “Big Mama” said, “Mr. Bedford, will you PLEASE bring me a piece of that catfish?”  I smoked it up and Miss Lavern sure enjoyed her share of the lunker.

Big Mama yelling “OMG!”

Well, that’s about it for now.  The next posting will be after the new job starts.  Between now and then it’s time to get some things done at the home base and ready the van for new adventures.

Take care and thanks for visiting!

Brad and Jenny
Jones County, Iowa

It’s supposed to be a fold down table but she likes her cat dishes on it while we are stationary.

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