A New Adventure (and job) Beginning Soon!

A motorcycle and dog carrier outside the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa… That dog seemed to enjoy the ride in his “dog house”… 

Hello and welcome to the blog for a short post!  It’s been an eventful day today.  For the last two weeks I’ve been sending out a bunch of resumes and today the phone calls have been pouring in.  I had two outright job offers and two requests for interviews… all within a 3 hour period!  I had to hide in the dark, locked, cramped janitor closet to listen to messages!

Of the inquiries, one was with a company I really want to work for.  There is a lot of potential for longer employment and advancement.  It’s a clerical job but not in the middle of a call center or anything… It will be busy but not overwhelming.  The best part is that the job means full time hours and a doubling of pay, a normal work schedule, and time off.  Like I’ve told friends, “Working in fast food is a stepping stone… but I’ve had too much fun standing in the creek for too long.”  Fast food is just not a living wage… not anywhere even close.  Perhaps things will get better soon!

So where is the new job?  It’s about 40 miles from here – roughly a six gallon use of gas per trip.  But that’s where the Trekker Van will come in handy.  I’m not going to commute every day.  In fact, I plan to travel back and forth every two or three days, sleeping in the van in safe places.  A friend has even offered to let me park in front of his house or during cold months, sleep inside!  I’m also going to look into carpooling.  There are always work-arounds!

Jenny won’t be lonely with me in another town.  While the weather is cool, she’s going to ride along in van and get plenty of walks in the park, sleeping in the easy chair and bed in the van.  It will be an adventure – hopefully a lucrative one – to say the least.  Fishing?   There is a lake nearby with lots of angling and safe places for kitty walks.

The new job and hours also mean the chance to see some new sights, attend festivals, and enjoy life a little more.  Please stay tuned as later in August we begin a combination of van trekking… and “work trekking”.  If anyone can pull this off, Jenny and I will make it happen and have some fun along the way.

Take care and thanks for visiting!

Brad and Jenny H
Jones County, Iowa

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