Visiting Lisbon on Labor Day

Lisbon, Iowa fire department had the street blocked off for the annual Labor Day breakfast.


Hello and welcome to the blog!  It was a fun Labor Day weekend… even if there was no fishing.  Buddy Steve and I met up at his place on  Monday and headed to the nearby town of Lisbon – straight south of Anamosa about 20 minutes and 2 miles east of Mount Vernon (along Highway 30).  It was time for the annual Fire Department Fund Raiser breakfast… and what a breakfast it was!

Those pancakes were worth the extra insulin!

Lots of people showed up and there was a line all morning long!



Tough uniforms for hard working folks.

Steve and I each enjoyed pancakes, sausage patties, ham, hash browns with cheese, and eggs for just $7 a piece.  Where else can you find a deal like that?   These small town gatherings make living in the country all the more fun.

Steve getting ready to dig in!

We sat around after eating until the rain let up.  The weather was terrible all weekend.  We’ve had close to 6 inches of rain in the last week; a couple inches came yesterday.  More is on the way tonight.  Well after the morning meal we headed into Cedar Rapids and met up with Steve’s daughter and did some shopping.  I’d never shopped at “Ross” store before.  They’ve got some cool cat condos and Jenny’s getting one for sure very soon!

We also met with a friend of Steve’s who works where I do.  He lives about two miles from work and offered to let me park in his driveway anytime I want!  That will be nice for work camping!

What started as a two hour breakfast trip ended up being an all day Labor Day event.  It felt good to get away.  At the same time I felt just a bit guilty about not missing working in fast food anymore.  The last few months took so much out of this old body working at the Golden Arches.  The mental and physical relief are immeasurable.  The young kids can work like that for low pay!  Oh, and to have a whole weekend off to visit an event was delightful!


You only see 7 of the nine… Two didn’t even make it to the plate! That’s a sprig of home grown spicy basil for the garnish. I love the stuff.

Before going, I wanted to share a cooking idea that turned out well.  I used an 8″x  ” baking pan (rubbed with butter) and placed 9 King’s Hawaiian rolls in the metal pan (you need to split them in half first).  Inside each I put a small square of cheddar cheese, some baked chicken (rotisserie style is perfect), more cheese, and a bit of that garlic aioli sauce described in the last post.  Then several tablespoons of low fat butter were melted and dribbled over the rolls, finishing up with a sprinkle of Italian seasoning.  Bake the mini sandwiches at 350 for about 12- 15 minutes.  They are heavenly!  I brought them along for camping tonight but they disappeared all throughout the day as I worked.

It’s almost time to hit the sack for another night of work camping.  Storm clouds are rapidly building and we’re looking at rough weather again.  Last night a small tornado touched down inside in city limits in NW Cedar Rapids.  Several more danced around just to the northwest of Anamosa in Jones County.  (I was outside on a hill watching the “wall cloud” and hoping to see a funnel!)

Sadly, the rivers are in bad shape with all the rain we’ve been having; more is on the way because of a hurricane making landfall.  The Cedar River is predicted to hit “major flood stage” level as it roars through Cedar Rapids.  The Wapsi (in Anamosa) is flooding pretty badyl, too, but the levies are holding.  And we’ve got more and more heavy rains predicted all week.  Uggggg.

Take care and thanks for visiting!  Happy camping fun!

Brad the “Work Trekker”
Eastern Iowa

Nothing like a Chinese dinner at the Interstate rest area!

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2 Responses to Visiting Lisbon on Labor Day

  1. Jo Harmon says:

    That was one big breakfast for $7. I was wanting pancakes this weekend but things got very busy around her but fun. That last plate of food your showing looks good too.

    Glad you had a great weekend

    • VanTrekker says:

      Hi Jo! It sure is nice to enjoy any weekend! 🙂 In a few weeks Steve and I are heading north to do some trout fishing and gather hickory nuts. I’m excited about the freedom. Take care! Time to go back to work. We had a little shower last night at the camping site and it kind of rocked the van a bit. 🙂