More Flooding and a Van Accident

Water pouring over the dam in Anamosa.

Greetings and welcome to the blog.  It’s been kind of crazy around here.  We’re having more unusual flooding in the area due to heavy rainfall.  The picture above was taken a few weeks ago.    There was a tremendous amount of rain in the area to the north and the Wapsipinicon river flooded for the second time this year.  Last week we had even MORE rain in the river basin and the same river is flooding pretty bad again.  Cedar Rapids has it even worse.  On Tuesday they will crest close to 2 feet above major flood stage level.

Needless to say, the fishing trip up north with buddy Steve was put off for a while.  Even though most of the water is in the rivers, the trout streams are still swollen.  We opted to fish locally on Saturday.

This was taken at noon. By 5 PM the water was over the road completely.

Steve and I had fun fishing in Anamosa.  We conversed for five hours about all the problems in the world.  I lost one really powerful bite.  We both had a number of small bites (likely bluegills) but neither of us went home with any fish.  Jenny was in the van all this time.  The weather was cool and I had the roof van on for her.  This was in preparation for getting her ready to come to work with me one day this week.

Hale Wildlife Refuge… The pond contains bass and catfish.


On Sunday I decided to fish the Hale Wildlife Refuge pond.  It is located about 15 minutes to the east of Anamosa.  The brush is pretty obnoxious.  While trying to get closer to the bank to cast, I stepped onto some brush and fell in the pond up to the knees.  (There was nothing under the weeds but water!)   Thank goodness I didn’t ruin another cell phone.  It was stored in a bag away from the water!

One of our fuzzy friends… It was returned to the weeds unharmed.

I didn’t bring home any fish over the weekend… but it was still quite enjoyable.  It’s really important … heck, necessary…. to get some fresh air and enjoy life as often as possible.  I relish every weekend off and am saddened when I see my friends and former co-workers laboring so hard for so little money and not being able to go do fun things.  Been there, done that.  It felt good to retire the fast food uniform.

Here is the unfortunate news… Last week I got “front-ended” by that lady next to the squad car.  While on the way to work I was approaching a stoplight in the left turn lane.  The other driver was in the right lane and decided she wanted my lane.  Instead of turning the corner and coming back, she shifted in reverse and careened backwards, striking the van as I was coming to a halt at the stoplight.  The driver told the cop she did not see me in the blind spot. He didn’t seem to believe that story.  I made a comment she needed my glasses more than I did!  I guess the accident was ironic in a humorous way.  The lady was from Dubuque and headed to McDonad’s for a Coke before work.  I was also driving there for a Diet Coke!

The van has a nice dent in the front bumper.  I was really pissed off at how flippant the gal was about it all.  When I opened the side doors stuff had moved around; the microwave had slid over a foot and a half and was out from under the bed.  A whole case of water fell off the seat.  The driver got jarred pretty good,  By Thursday I was having headaches and on Friday the neck started to burn.  A quick trip to the Chiro helped with that.  Her insurance will likely reimburse me for the dent to the van as well.  It could have been worse, I suppose. Other than a dented bumper the van is completely drive-able.  I am lucky Jenny was not riding along that day!

It’s Monday night and about time to turn in and go to work tomorrow.  I’ve found some fantastic places to discreetly camp overnight, eat cheap and such.  Tonight’s dinner was a convenience store special – $1 for nachos with cheese and chili.  I added hot peppers, onions, and some shredded chicken from the lunch pail in the van.  You can’t beat a deal like that!   🙂  🙂

She’s a handful, always wanting to explore. I’ve got some great places to show her near where I work.

Work is going great.  I’m enjoying it and have been building up the savings in no time.  It’s so much easier having a sit-down job.  Working a regular schedule and having weekends off are luxuries that simply cannot be quantified.  Tonight as the sun is going down and I’m preparing to sleep in a public parking place, the priority is to comb the Internet and look for more fun things to do and places to  see…  I’ve got a couple things in mind already for next weekend.

Take care and thanks for visiting today!

Brad and Jenny
Somewhere in Eastern Iowa

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2 Responses to More Flooding and a Van Accident

  1. Jo Harmon says:

    She didn’t see you! Maybe if she had looked around before slamming in reverse she might have seen that big white van. Oh well I’m glad your OK and the van is driveable so no down time. And a quick trip to the Charo fixed you right up.

    So much rain your way and the poor folks in NC, SC are still being evacuated do to major flooding like the folks in Anamosa.

    Hope Jenny enjoys her stay in the van while your at work.

    • VanTrekker says:

      Hi Jo! Sorry that it took so long to get back to you. I’ve had various logistical problems. Now that I have unlimited Wi-Fi I can blog and respond at home or in the van using either easy chair… and a new laptop, too! We’re still having rain here but it’s much lighter now. I’m just getting ready to do a new blog post. Take care! — VT