Two Days Before Christmas…

Sis gave me this cute ornament that lights up… Neat present!

Hello and welcome to the blog!  It’s Sunday night around midnight and I have to get up at 5AM to get ready for work.  It’s been a very busy weekend… but a fun one.  First, the good news…

Seen on Ford Street in Anamosa, Iowa… Not sure if it’s a cat or a dog but it’s cute as can be!

The last week with the little kitty was a joy.  Oreo, Romeo, whatever you want to call it, the kitty strutted its way right into my heart.  I put up a posting on Facebook trying to locate the owners.  The post went around the Anamosa Lost and Found Pets page, getting shared 24 times… and no response.

Friend Jamie and the kitty…  She immediately clung to him.

Based on the description of the kitty, my friend Jamie was interested.  Jamie is a fast food manager with a good history around animals.  He fell in love with the tuxedo cat.  I held it while he examined the feline.  When cats are that small, it’s difficult to tell a neutered male from a female.  But we are certain that it’s a girl.  There goes the name Romeo.  I suggested the name Roma from the TV show “Touched by an Angel”.  (I love that program!)  In any case, the kitty loves her new home and I’ll be visiting her now and then.  Jamie just had a beloved tortie cat put to sleep a few weeks ago and was heartbroken.  He sure likes this little girl!  They both needed each other.

Piles of steel are meant for climbing.

I had a difficult end to the week.  Jenny likes to go walking on the leash at night.  About 150 feet from home there is a stack of mobile home frames she uses for a jungle gym.  It was dark and I ran into the triangle-shaped front of one of the frames.  The impact caused me to pitch forward and smash the left femur against the steel with my weight, and then fall to the ground.  There is a very deep bruise but it doesn’t look like anything is broken.  It’s still painful if Jenny even walks on me in bed.  Stuff happens!

Mrs. Claus and a couple of her helpers greeting people at the convenience store in Anamosa.

So the latest project came into existence yesterday.  I bought two axe handles at the farm store and made them into a cooking accessory.  It will be tried tomorrow on Christmas eve.  There will be pictures.  But in the meantime buddy Steve and I were hanging out at Tapken’s Convenience Store and discussing where I could cut down some oak branches for this cooking device.  Today we did a little exploring.

Steve’s daughter owns some land in the hills along Buffalo Creek, north and west of Anamosa.  We did some hiking (yep, even with a sore leg) and I cut down a few small branches.  The wood was very green.  One was oak, the other two were some kind of a very hard wood.  More about the cooking experiment on the next post.

A beautiful home on a hill in Jones County.  It is located near Fremont as well as the Jones County Coon Hunters Club.

After a grueling hike for most of an hour, we headed back to town.  I had one more errand to run before Christmas.  I had to deliver a present for buddy Jim, the former co-worker who let me fish and camp this last summer.  For Christmas I got him something he could use… a 50 pound bag of floating catfish food for his pond.  He was pretty happy with the gift.  We sat and talked for quite a while.

Nothing really got done around home this weekend until this evening.  Tonight food was prepped and packed and such for the Christmas eve dinner.  Tomorrow night will be spent in a quiet place enjoying good food and some radio and TV Christmas specials.

She’s been banished from the bedroom tonight after attacking the plant (Edna) and trying to open the presents…  what a BRAT! 

For now it’s time to get some shut eye and put in a short shift tomorrow at work.  There will be another post after Christmas day and, of course, some pictures.

Take care and happy holidays.  To those of us who do celebrate the birth of Jesus, a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Stay safe!

Brad, Jenny, and Duke
Jones County, Iowa


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4 Responses to Two Days Before Christmas…

  1. Jo Harmon says:

    I love, love the little trailer ornament.

    Sorry about your fall I’m sure that hurt. Shame Miss Kitty and then to get into the plant and presents too. tsk tsk. She even looks like she is ready for trouble in that picture LOL.

    Have a very Happy Holiday Brad. and fur babies.

    • VanTrekker says:

      Hi Jo! I thought that trailer was such a cute thing. Jenny has been a good girl for the most part. They really like the new electric blanket that Sis gave us this year. I hope you’ve had a great Christmas! I’ll be posting again soon with that new cooking item. The food turned out really tasty.

  2. my_vantasy says:

    Merry Christmas! I am happy the little tuxedo kitty found a good home. Sounds like a win-win for kitty and person. I am so glad to hear that you are OK, more or less, after your leg met steel. Shouldn’t they have Caution tape around that area? Looking forward to your next post about the hand crafted cooking equipment and recipe.

    • VanTrekker says:

      Hi and thanks for the note! I just got an update – the kitty is doing fine in her new home and more lovey than ever. It was nice to be part of her having a full, safe, and happy life. Duke and Jenny sure have it good. (Het got Walmart rotisserie chicken tonight). After the pheasant post, there will be one for the latest cooking gadget inherited after Christmas — a burger press. I’ve got plenty of slider ideas for that new device. Take care!