Winter Finally Arrived Here


Snow on The “God Bless America” statue in Anamosa, Iowa


Hello and welcome to the blog.  We got 5 inches of show between Friday and Saturday.  For rural Iowa that’s not much… but enough that I didn’t have any desire to do much outside this weekend.  The above statue of the “Gothic Couple” (from the Grant Wood painting) is on display in downtown Anamosa, just a mile from the home base.  It’s located across the street from Bamboo Garden restaurant… a favorite haunt.  The statue weighs 27,000 pounds and stands 25 feet tall.  It’s a popular destination!

The Wapsipinicon (“Wapsi”) River.  There will be a lot of hours spent fishing here this year for catfish, walleye, and bass.

This morning I took a spin through Anamosa’s Wapsipinicon State Park, looking at the beautiful snow and just enjoying nature.  It’s still warm (34 degrees today) but the bottom will soon fall out in terms of the temperatures.  When we get a good blanket of snow, 80-90 percent of sunlight is reflected back… sunlight that would normally keep the temps in the 30s to 40s.  By next week we’re going to be below zero… crappy weather!

Snow on the park’s play equipment.

Last week was warmer.  I did some work camping on Monday the 7th.. perhaps not a good idea.  Unfortunately, this terrible illness that struck caused a lot of breathing problems and I paid the price on Tuesday with constant coughing and congestion.  Without heat, it’s pretty cold and miserable camping at this time of the year.  Since gas is at $1.95 / gallon right now, I don’t mind not work camping for the next week or two!  It’s been kind of fun to stay home with Jenny and Duke.

The ground is too cold!

Jenny still wants to play outside a lot.  With the snow, a leash isn’t needed; the cold snow is like a fence.  Jenny’s short and it’s up to her belly.  Opting to play under the deck, eventually she gets cold and prefers to walk around the handrail of the deck.  In the meantime, Duke stays in the warm trailer.  He’s never been back outside since I got him at the end of October… and is quite content to be an indoor kitty.

There has been a lot of cooking activity at home.  It’s been almost 3 weeks since I’ve had a McDonald’s hamburger.  By no longer eating evening meals at McDonald’s, I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in blood sugars… Imagine that.  For fun, yesterday I made this bacon / muffin / egg sandwich, posting on Facebook that fast food is bad for a person so that’s why I cook healthier stuff at home…  This wasn’t eaten all at one time but that’s 8 strips of thick cut bacon!  (far from healthy)

It’s not always healthier eating at home..   🙂

Despite being at home this weekend and having to do some shoveling, there really isn’t any cabin fever to speak of.  I’m contemplating more camping trips on non-work nights, all depending on where one can use an electric heater.  There are new cooking ideas to try… including some sliders and a decadent homemade macaroni and cheese recipe.  Stay tuned.

Work is going great at the temp job.  There are new things to learn every day.  It’s challenging clerical work but enjoyable with plenty of problem solving.  Many new friends have been made along the way.  If everything comes together, there should be some exciting news to pass along in the very near future!

She’s the boss… and there’s no disputing that!

That’s about it for now.  Jenny has been a brat tonight and it’s been difficult to try and blog.  With a little luck there will be some camping trips coming up in a couple of weeks, likely on the weekends.  There might even be some fishing mixed in there, too!  We’ll see how the weather goes…

Take care and thanks for visiting.  Safe and happy camping!

Brad, Jenny, and Duke
Jones County, Iowa


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