First Spring Camping Trip

Peaceful campground in a quiet part of rural Iowa

Hello and welcome to the blog!  On Friday Jenny and I went camping at Bennett Park in nearby Cedar County.  With the rivers over their banks everywhere, there weren’t a lot of venues to choose from.  This location is on high ground away from any water bodies.

It had been an interesting week.  I’d applied for a lot of jobs online and the brain was fried.  But there was one small victory and it meant going somewhere to camp and enjoy some… FAJITAS!  They were cooked up on the newer T-Fal griddle.

Note the blueberry-acai Diet Coke.  It’s a new obsession to this long-time Diet Coke guzzler.

Fajitas… They are so pretty to look at and such a treat at the campground.  They are easy to make and even easier to enjoy!

The fajitas were started at home.  I like to prep the veggies in advance and store the strips in a gallon freezer bag with a few paper towels to absorb the moisture.  The red and orange peppers were those small sweet peppers available in the grocery store.  They have no heat (that I can tell) and contribute a delightful flavor to the dish.  I used some leftover steak and grilled chicken – a perfect way to recycle things that might otherwise be discarded…

After a quick rest I had to let “Her Highness” back out for a bit.

Jenny was all smiles, relaxing in the van and watching the wildlife through the windows.

Jenny went for several walks on the leash and settled down to rest during the evening.  She’s a trooper!

I hadn’t used the van’s TV antenna for some time.  Last night we kicked back and watched some Star Trek on that new Heroes and Icons “HandI” network.  I love this network which is available over broadcast TV in many markets.  There are a lot of other awesome shows on this channel including Renegade, MacGyver, and many others.

Nobody else camped last night.  Earlier in the night (just after dark) a pickup truck came and went a couple of times, perhaps just cruising for something to do.  Apparently it was just some kids wanting to make ruts in the mud.  I went out to investigate and that seemed to scare them off… thankfully.

Some fun ideas for breakfast.

Breakfast was a home run.  Along with leftover fajitas, I cooked up some fresh home fries using the little wooden mandolin slicer.  (It’s so handy for camp cooking!).  A nice runny “over easy” egg topped things off.

The plate on the right was a couple ideas that tasted good outside.  The white glob is cottage cheese topped with blueberry spreadable fruit.  It was a treat!  On the right (though not discernible) is bacon that was cooked chewy – not yet crispy – and dipped in pancake batter and fried.  I saw that idea on Facebook and it turned out yummy!

It’s a useful camping gadget…

After the great breakfast, it was time to head back.  There was plenty to do around the home base and Jenny was getting antsy.

When I got home Duke was in my room.  He didn’t respond when called.  Then I brought Jenny in from the van and it was like something out of a movie.  When Duke saw her the two ran toward each other, rubbed noses, and walked together to her room.  It was cute but also a good lesson.  Jenny might not be going on any camping trips for a while.  Jenny and Duke are quite the item it seems… and I’m happy that they are so happy together.

Well take care and thanks for visiting!  I met up with buddy Steve and hope to try some new fishing areas one of these days.  There will be pictures!

Brad, Jenny, and Duke
Jones County, Iowa


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