Star Trek Fest XXXV Parade and Museum

Hello and welcome to the blog!  Saturday was the Trek Fest parade in Riverside, Iowa.  In the movie Star Trek IV “The Voyage Home”  Catherine Hicks asked Captain Kirk (William Shatner) if he was from outer space.  Kirk remarked he was from Iowa and only worked in outer space.  The town of Riverside immediately petitioned Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and the town was named the future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk.  While I’ve done several posts about the yearly celebration, it was fun to revisit and take some new pictures.


One of the signs on poles in Riverside.


The weather very warm on Saturday.  As several of us observed it was “hotter than Vulcan”  (as in the hot, dry planet where “Spock” was from).  I hung out for a while at the Star Trek Museum in town when it opened at 8:00; there was a chance to buy a few mementos, take some pictures (i.e. the one above) and chat with the folks there.  Their collection of Trek materials is the finest in the galaxy.  They even had a door chime that made a “whoosh” sign that sounded like the sliding doors in the original series.


Lots of photos, things to see and buy. This museum is amazing!

There were a number of paintings such as this picture of a Ferengi (looks like Quark from Star Trek Deep Space 9)


A “Herky the Hawk” (representing the University of Iowa) dressed up as a Starfleet Captain


One of the new toys. Some might ask why the bottom curve on the Star Trek logo is offset. The shape is supposed to represent the acceleration curve of a warp engine.


During the parade the temperature soared to 92 degrees with very high humidity – record temperatures for this time of the year.  It was difficult to breathe.  But I was determined to watch the whole parade even if unable to catch other events.  There weren’t a lot of Star Trek parade entries this year but it was still fun.  There is a galactic rule that all small town parades are enjoyable to all ages!


I’ll bet that machine MOVES. Love those warp nacelles!


A cool truck with two warp drive nacelles.


The Shriners on a tiny fire truck.


Hillbilly Limo



After the parade I checked out the vendor booths and walked around a bit.  But due to the oppressive heat, it was necessary to cut the visit short.  I paused to visit the “future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk” and get some more photos… and decide what to do with the rest of the day.


If you ever saw the episode “Return of the Archons” featuring “Landru”, you’d immediately recognize the robed “Lawgiver”. She advised me “You will be absorbed”. It was funny!


The “law givers” from “Return of the Archons”


The gesture says it all. “Live long and prosper.” to all the friends!


With that last photo the trip ended due to excessive heat… but I had a chance for some reflection.  There is a little park bench in front of the monument to Kirk’s character.  I’ve been having some breathing problems of late and had to sit there and catch my breath.  But it was also a time to be thankful for a wonderful time.  After looking forward to this trip for some time, despite the smaller parade it was still everything I had longed to see.  If only we humans could all get along and live the type of life the various Star Trek series portray, what a galaxy that would be!

For now, take care and thanks for visiting.  Safe and happy camping!  And, of course, LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!

Brad and Jenny and Duke
Jones County, Iowa


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