A Nighttime Trek to Riverside

Heading down Highway 1 toward a new adventure.


Hello and welcome to the blog today.  Just a quick update on the trout postings… I’m going to write the third posting (about tips and tricks) after the next fishing outing… perhaps close to the 4th?  It seemed logical to wait until then.

I’m currently in Riverside waiting for the Trek Fest XXXV to start.  Last night was a fun evening after closing the store at 11:30 PM following a grueling 9.5 hour stretch with no breaks.  Taking back roads to Riverside, Iowa the course ended up going past some cool places.  I thought it would be fun to share a few pics.


Hurts Donuts… Remember the old joke “Ya ever had a hurts donut?” Then you punch the person and say, “Hurts, don’t it?” The only thing these donuts hurt is the blood sugar. 🙂

The Cookie Monster Donut…


The first stop along the way was at Hurts Donuts, the premium donut shop in Coralville, Iowa.  They had many delicious varieties available.  I picked up a “cookie monster” donut and an “Andes Mints” donut.  On the way out of the store I noticed a car loitering in a parking spot and detected the unmistakable smell of marijuana (not legal in Iowa).  Oh well… If those folks had the munchies they were in the right place!



On the way from Iowa City to Riverside I noticed house with a shed.  The roof of the shed had that cool bicycle light in the photo above.  It lit up the otherwise boring night sky.



Once arriving at the camping destination, the casino, the plan was to use the restroom and mooch a couple of free Diet Cokes.  Temptation got to me and I put a $20 in the 25 cent slot machine.  Within 2 or 3 minutes, $45 came out.  Not bad!  That $25 profit is paying for lunch and camping fees…  That was easy.  The casino is so beautiful and inviting but it was a better idea not to let the door hit me on the butt on the way out.   It’s fun to take their money.    🙂   🙂


Free camping at the casino… Safe, not that quiet, but cheap!


So at the time of this posting it’s 90 minutes before the parade is starting.  This portion of Iowa is under a high heat / humidity advisory.  I’ll be taking a lot of pictures today and likely camping tonight – despite the warmth.  In the meantime, I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Live long and prosper!


Brad, the Van Trekker
Riverside, Iowa
“The Future Birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk”


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