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Hi and welcome to the blog!  It’s been a busy time here in terms of working and fishing… It’s good to be making money and angling… and angling… and angling some more.  Believe it or not…the fishing is over for a little bit after today.   🙂


Taken about a week ago. It’s a rugged hike from the van to where this photo was taken.


On Monday the weather was crazy… We hit almost 90 degrees in this area with very high humidity — normal is 72 or so at this time of the year.  I was out poking around at the Hale pond once again that day… and brought home a respectable 17 bluegills (throwing back an equal number)… As much fun as it was, nothing would have made me believe what would happen on Friday afternoon!

The weather today (Friday) was cold… With a high of only about 62, I didn’t think the fish would bite too well.  They didn’t.  I sat from 3:oo PM to 4:30.  As the sun began to lower, all heck broke loose.


Rays of sunlight made beautiful diamonds in the lake.


The sky was partly cloudy and rapidly becoming overcast around 5:00 PM… making everything darker prematurely.  The small bluegills were biting actively.  I would start to reel in a small fish and all of a sudden a sizeable largemouth bass would attack and swallow the fish in my line… as seen in the picture below.


The bluegill was hooked first.  After the bass swallowed the small fish both ended up on the line.


Long story short, this happened three times.  I ended up with two 15 inch bass and a 16 incher.  Six bluegills also went home today.  For that last hour the action was fast and wild as the poles bent like wet macaroni.  The heart was racing.  In 45+ years of fishing, I cannot remember a time so exciting!  For what might be the last fishing expedition for some time, it was a perfect finale!

By the way, in the last two weeks 59 fish came home.  48 of them were small bluegills and I’ve eaten some of them so far.  But many more are frozen and some of the bass from tonight will also be saved for later.  They will provide lots of enjoyable meals during the rapidly approach winter months.


So what’s next?  I’ve got a few days off next week and am planning on getting Jenny out for a trip fairly close to home.  There are some good food ideas to cook up and we’re going to just rest up a little bit.  The next posting won’t be about fishing, I promise!

Thanks for visiting!  Take care – safe and happy camping!

Brad and Jenny and Mister Duke
Jones County, Iowa


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