A Wok in The Park With Jenny

Poor raccoon!  This is part of the signage at the Scotch Grove Coon Hunters


Hello and welcome to the blog!  We’re still getting rain in Iowa.  Starting this Friday, fall weather is really going to set in with highs of just 44 degrees!  We’re under a frost watch as well.  It’s A-OK by me… That should help to end some of the allergies / asthma.


Dirt cheap and works for many things!

On Wednesday night Jenny and I went to the Scotch Grove Coon Hunters lodge to do a little camping.  I wanted to take her for a walk in the park and do my own wok’ing activity.  Recently Wal-Mart had $4.93 non-stick woks (now they are $5.96) and I picked up a couple.  A lot of stir fried veggies have been eaten lately so the pans have been getting plenty of use!  While they work fine, a person doesn’t want to rely on the non-stick properties.  You still have to use some oil.  But for frying up fish, making breakfast skillets, stir fries, etc., these things are so useful.



Today’s a fine day for a picnic! Let’s start with grass, insects, and mice.

Jenny was ready to explore from the first minute.  I let her play on the leash while surveying the camping area.  Unfortunately, at the main campground the outlet boxes were all set up for 220 volts… That won’t work with the Express van.  But closer to the building there is a little grass strip that also has a few camping spots and thankfully they were wired for 110V.


Main camping area — Great for RV’s!


Once things were set up, supper was a priority.  I brought along some veggies prepped at home:  green, yellow and red peppers, onions, and pea pods… as well as cashews.  Jason, one of the meat guys at Fareway, had sliced some tender sirloin into stir fry strips.  The sauces were commercial.  I mixed the ends of two jars (Saigon Sizzle and Kung Pao).  The dish was tasty.  It’s kind of difficult NOT to have food taste well outside.  🙂


Camping food can healthy, pretty, or pretty healthy!

Here’s a suggestion.  I’ve had some difficulty with the little screw-on burner used for cooking.  The base and the bottle slide around a little bit, causing the bottle to tilt to the side; the next thing you know, the food ends up on the ground.  Now I keep a 75 cent roll of Wal-Mart electrical tape in the box with the burner… and then wrap the base and bottle during each use.  No spills!



Once the meal was eaten, Jenny went out for a second walk before  I cleaned up.  She really seemed to enjoy herself.  About 6:45 PM as I was sitting in the easy chair, she brought me the pink leash!  The kitty got a third walk.  This time she scratched the bark on several trees, sniffed various things, and then tried to dart under a barbed wire fence to explore a farm field.  I couldn’t let her do that or she might never be seen again!  But Jennifer did get a lot of outdoor time.  Last night she snuggled under my armpit as we slumbered.  She sure enjoys the outdoor times!

Starting to change color for fall.


In addition to the stir-fry, there was also dessert.  Bellow is another cooking idea I wanted to share.  This delicious cheesecake idea was something I dreamed up one night for camping… and then made and froze ahead for later.  Only one slice (and the whipped cream can) came along for the trip.  “Portion control” is a good thing!  The recipe uses simple ingredients and takes very little time to assemble.  The taste is decadent.  By using the pumpkin spice cream cheese at half strength, the pumpkin spice flavor is subtle and the two tastes seem to work well together.    🙂


It’s addictive.

That’s about all for now.  I’m at McDonald’s while on the way back from the camping trip with Jenny.  Someone called in and I get to pick up a little 3 hour shift.  I tell the kids that short shifts are like bluegill fish.  By themselves, there’s not much there but collect a few and you have something!

Take care and thanks for visiting.  Safe and happy fall camping!

Your camping buddies,

Brad, Jenny, and Mister Duke
Jones County, Iowa

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One Response to A Wok in The Park With Jenny

  1. Jo Harmon says:

    Your stir fry looks really good. Those wok pans were pretty cheap. I just don’t have room to carry big items. But I’m sure I can make some in my regular little fry pan.

    Glad Jennie had a great time going along.