Annual St. Patrick’s Church Dinner


Annie the Rainbow Clown


Note:  Please accept my apology for the barrage of emails that recently went out to readers.  The hosting company was forcing me to migrate from one server to another.  Unfortunately, the technicians didn’t finish the work.  When I went to “throw the switch”, 11 posts suddenly updated and emailed the whole list!  That should all be fixed now.  Again, I’m so sorry!

Hi and welcome to the blog today!  This colorful person is Annie, the Rainbow Clown.  She was entertaining children at the annual St. Patrick’s Church Supper in Anamosa.  It’s a pretty big event with quite a few folks attending.  I had to do a double take… The sign said “supper” and it ran from 11AM to 1PM.  That worked!  I had worked up a good appetite!

The day had started out kind of crazy.  I had Sunday off and felt like sleeping in.  Unfortunately, the body woke up at 4:36 and felt like working!  I checked in and we were sh0rt-handed due to an illness.  It was nice to pick up 5 extra hours.  That’s going right in the camping fund.   🙂

Hardworking folks serving food. Note the “meat cutter” type hats. Those were volunteers from various Fareway grocery stores.


After getting off at 11, I headed over the church dinner which was held at our local community center.  The gym was already packed with a couple hundred people…  It was fun to see various Fareway grocery store employees volunteering for the event… or dining.


Volunteers serving food to hungry souls.


Toward the end of the serving line were the baked goodies.  I was joking with one of the volunteers.  She was elderly and I told her I need a diabetic friendly dessert.  She smiled and I said she was friendly and the red raspberry pie would be good for the diabetes – it will last even longer.  The slightly tart pie was heavenly and worth the bump in sugars.

The rest of the day was relaxing.  I got an email from a friend saying the blog was down.  That was due to the server change.  Oh well, it’s all fixed now.

Update… Just got the van back from the shop.  The radiator that had been dribbling but started getting worse.  It’s nice to have it fixed.  With a little luck, Duke and I might be going out for a short camping trip close to home.  For now, at least, the weather is conducive.

That’s all that’s new around here.  Take care and thanks for visiting!

Brad and Jenny and Mister Duke
Jones County, Iowa

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