Happy Thanksgiving! And a Recap

Making pies for the party.. Well, 3 of them.  The blueberry one on the bottom right didn’t make it very far.   🙂


Hello and welcome to the blog today.  Happy Thanksgiving!  I worked and did not have a typical Thanksgiving meal… but was around people I like.  For those of us who had to labor, we made our own party… but it almost didn’t happen!  That makes for kind of a fun story.

A couple of weeks ago we had a sign-up sheet for a Thanksgiving potluck dinner at work.  Nobody signed up, myself included.  The plan was to eat with the Mayor’s family. When the schedule came out, it was disappointing to see that I had to work and would miss Mayor Dale’s gathering.  At the same time, our work potluck was canceled due to lack of participation.  The area supervisor then started a contest to guess the weight of the turkey and the winner would keep the bird.  Co-worker Jasper won.


Co-worker Sarah with a reflection of Jasper


Jasper, a tall and sturdy farm-kid type guy (also the source of the middle name for kitty Duke Jasper), immediately donated the turkey back to the store.  The nine of us working on Thanksgiving decided to make the holiday meal happen.  It was kind of like the Peanuts gang gathering around Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.  The area supervisor made mashed potatoes, dressing, a Jello salad, and cooked the turkey.  I baked several pies (Dutch apple with caramel, cherry, and pumpkin spice) and made a homemade corn casserole dish in the crockpot.


Happy Thanksgiving… Live long and prosper!


Only open until 1:00 PM, the crew cooked the normal breakfast fare and then made lunch for a short time.  Things were pretty slow on Thanksgiving whereas Wednesday was “crazy busy” with so many people going to “grandmother’s house”.  In between customers we grazed… and grazed… and grazed.   🙂   Everyone ate well and we seemed to work most of it off!

Though the plans changed, Thanksgiving was still spent with family in a way – the work family.  Even though we are all co-workers, none of us are strangers and we have a team bond.  It turned out to be a wonderful time at the end of a year that brought many challenges but many more things to be thankful for.  That’s what it’s all about.


Homemade crocheted snowflakes


With Thanksgiving over, now it’s time for snow and winter to settle in.  While camping a few weeks ago I was working on some snowflakes as a gift to Sis.  They were finished, stiffened and now the artifacts are hanging in her window at home… and at a height where her cats won’t disturb them!   Sis liked the snowflakes!  (Just a side note… I packed them in multiple freezer bags labeled with various politicians’ names… snowflakes!  We had a good laugh over that.)


Jenny already thinks this is a cat bed…


Earlier this week a heavy box arrived, a gift back from my sister!  It contained this cool hand made sleigh.  Sis figured this would be a great item to decorate to hold Christmas presents, bags of goodies, etc.  The idea was to defeat Mrs. Claws (Jenny) from destroying another tree and decorations.  The little plaid garment is actually a pair of clearance pajamas from Dollar General.  In the coming weeks the sleigh will see more enhancements… and hopefully no claw marks!


Good point!


That’s about all for now.  Tomorrow is “Black Friday” (and the Thanksgiving event at Wal-Mart tonight).  I don’t plan to get into the fracas.  However, two new toys were bought from early Amazon Black Friday sales and will go on the next camping trip… whenever that is in the coming days.

Take care and thanks for visiting!  For those traveling, have a safe journey home and a happy rest of the autumn season!

Bradford, Jenny, and Mister Duke Jasper
Jones County, Iowa


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