Bad Luck and a Fun Trip Anyway!

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I can see that…. 🙂


Hello and welcome to the blog.  As a joke on Facebook I posted this Irish name thing — a Bradford O’Schitt” meme.  Sadly, sometimes that kind of stuff becomes reality!  A person has to laugh at the crazy things which one cannot always predict.  I did get to go camping on Friday; Jenny stayed home.  With the events of the trip it was a good call.


A great place to tour in the summer. The cave is closed during the winter due to migrating bats.


I chose this park because the van was scheduled for a tire rotation at a shop in town.  With a couple days off from work, it was the perfect opportunity!


I lived up to the nickname O’Schitt.


Unfortunately, the campground was a mess.  The area recently got more precipitation than where I live 33 miles to the west.  I had trouble backing into a spot, hit some ice, and the Express Van smashed a practically new power pedestal – much to my chagrin. Further, the van was stuck in the snow since I’d missed the parking pad.  Suffice it say the first thing I said was “O’Schitt”…   In any case, I put up the antenna and prepared to camp.   🙂

I called the local sheriff and they sent out Scott, the Park Ranger.  This guy was SO cool!  We chatted for a bit.  I told him that it was my fault and all I’d wanted to do was get some time outdoors after the lousy weather. Scott is the DNR guy that a person wants to encounter; he could see I was remorseful. We arranged for the DNR assistant to give me a little tow on Saturday morning…  A quick call was made to the insurance company and all is well.  I won’t be out a penny.  There was no damage to the van other than a scratch on the bumper.


A peaceful sunset!


While waiting for the Ranger, I had started a fire in the pit but was unable to generate enough heat for cooking.  The wind did blow the warm air toward the picnic table. It felt nice! I used the little propane burner and a griddle to cook up some chicken and steak fajitas. The food was heavenly.


“Grrr. Ran Out of Worms!” “The creek is too muddy!” “Only the bugs will bite.” “Fell and pissed myself.” “No worries! It’s still more fun than work!”


The only hitch with supper was that the picnic table bench was covered with snow and ice… but then I remembered something.  Just before leaving on Friday, the new fishing bucket had arrived. It was nice to have a place to sit without the fanny getting cold!  This bucket has a Styrofoam insulation liner that helps keep food cool. While it’s obvious that the Styrofoam will not last too long, a person could stuff a soft-sided cooler in the bucket or perhaps order a new foam liner at some point.  In any case, I LOVE this customized bucket from Bed Bath and Beyond.  Ranger Scott got a good laugh out of it too.

The sleep Friday nice was blissful. It took a while to relax but it was the perfect medicine.  If anything, the only regret was not getting camping sooner!



Breakfast on Saturday was French toast (with plenty of cinnamon). This batch was made with light Italian bread. The sauce on top was homemade – my own recipe for preserves made with red raspberries and infused with a bit of jalapeno juice and seeds.  French toast will be made again soon.

Despite the rough start, the trip was still a lot of fun.  There’s no better way to cure the winter doldrums!

That’s all for now.  Take care and thanks for visiting!  Safe and happy camping!

Brad and Jenny and Duke
Jones County, Iowa



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